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Bless me

Phew! Finally it’s 5am in the morning.

I couldn’t sleep for the whole night. It’s been 2 days already that I couldn’t get myself to sleep.

With my “panda” eyes, my friend asked what the stress that I had.

Well, I am not so sure. Just a little bit this and that could then seriously lead me to insomnia. I will have to get myself to a really exhausted state today and hoping that tonight I will sleep tight and have a sweet dream.

Bless me…


Try as much as I can

I was with her just now.

I like to be with someone whom I don’t really like. (It’s quite sorry and unwilling to put it in this way.)

Some says that, hey  you have to love your enemy. No, she is not my enemy. No one will ever be my enemy. It doesn’t have to.

I am learning. Yes, I am learning. I am learning how to accept whatever happened to me. I am learning how to accept the situation that I don’t really want it to be happen. I am learning to get along with someone who was being mean, sarcastic, realistic and despising. From them, I can be motivated from the grievous and indigant.

Do you think  it’s a stupid way? Or may be it’s an extreme thinking? No, I feel great. It’s the time that I can learn how to tolerate with someone and be more magnanimous.

I try to be perfect in my personality although I know it’s hard. No one will ever be perfect in their life. But I try as much as I can…