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Kind advice from a pastor

Marriage is a matter of offering all our thoughts.
There was a couple facing the problem in their marriage. They seeked the pastor’s advice to save from their breach.

The pastor suggested the husband to pay attention to every word of his wife that spoke to him. One month later, he told the pastor he had learned how to listen every word of his wife. “Well, now you go back and try to pay attention to the words that she hasn’t out.”

Are we really pay attention to our beloved, our family? Sometimes, they really need our attention to their heart felt wishes and their thinking. Yet, most of the times we just disregard it without realizing it at all. There will definitely be a full understanding and appreciation if our attention has been paid and I am sure that love and care will always be the ever best results.



Shakespeare did say that while someone possesses wealth, you are in a state of grace from the God.

A: “I have money, you don’t have. So, you have to respect me.”

B: “That’s your money, why shoud I respect you?”

A: “Then, I’ll give you 1/4 of my money, will you respect me?”

B: “Since you only give me 1/4, why should I respect you?”

A: “How about 1/2 of it?”

B: “In that case, my money will go equally to yours, why should I respect you?”

A: “Think about it if I give you all my money?”

B: “Well, I am rich and you are poor then, do you think I will respect you?”

We usually care about what we have and what we have missed. Learn from B that we can actually overcome most of the problems and situations if we possess B’s mind to treat ourselves better. Then, we will definitely lead our life freely and superiorly. 

Cheer up!

The Explosive at the back

When people being obstinate, I surpass him with a gentle way. When people use strategy, I touch them by sincerity. Whilst others using their temper, I regulate it with reason.  There is nothing we can’t manage it well.

A man asked his friend why was he so happy when he saw him soliloquized.  Guess what’s the answer? The answer to him was that -A concealed explosive had been put on his own back ready to burst the disgusting fellow who always pat his shoulder violently, if he happened to pat at his shoulder again, the explosive will guaranteely mashed his hand completely.

Are we having the same behaviour in our relationship that always disregard the severe consequences  just because of the point of honour.  Well, we can actually improve our uncomfortable phenomenon by many ways and means. What do you think?

Break it

Have you ever heard this before, there is always another door opened for you when one of your door was closed.  Some time, we might have taken a long time to wait for the door to reopen, yet we overlooked another door which has already opened for us.

Nothing is going to be doomed.  Well, if it’s just our luck that not a single door there is meant for us.  Remember always, don’t give up.  Take some time and break the closed doors up or may be the windows.  There’s no way for us to surrender with our life.

Headmaster being insulted

Just bear with it.  Abuse won’t exist for long.  As truth always lies in a matter of time, it will definitely distinguish for you…

One of the student’s parent insulted the headmaster ferociously but he didn’t even frown upon it.  His student then seeked advice from him privately and wanted to know the secret of his determination for ignoring.

The headmaster replied to him that if one does not open the mail, then he will surely not be able to influence by the contents. If you are insulted by anybody, similarly, you will not get hurt if you really can take it easy and ignore him.

So, let’s face it bravely and wisely so as to dispel our anger.  If you are being compeled or insulted, don’t take it to heart and you will find that there’s actually nothing to fear and nothing to grieve over.

The Monkey And The Coconut

Don’t cry, don’t be indignant, but look for solution.

A monkey threw a coconut to a man’s head when he passed by a coconut tree.  The man rubbed his swollen head and picked up the coconut.  He then drank the coconut water, enjoyed the coconut meat and used the coconut shell to make a bowl…

Well, we have to use different attitude towards other’s criticism.  So, are you treated with injustice recently? Do you have any intolerable experience? Try viewing outside the box, look outside the window and try to solve all these wisely by having a positive and right attitude. Don’t you think it’s a gain when you can actually appreciate whatever the situation is.

A Pasture’s Worker

One night, the owners of the pastures seemed very tense and worry before the advent of the mighty storm.  They convened their worker to get ready their fortification.

Among them, one of the pasture’s worker slept like a dog, his owner tried ways but just couldn’t wake him up.  He was very angry and decided to give the worker the sack the next day as he couldn’t give any help when the owner was in trouble…

But later when he reached his stable, granary, pen…, to his surprise, he found that the worker has done all the fortification…

A loyalty person always ease other’s mind.  How’s your working attitude recently? Do you contribute to your company? Do you ease your boss’s mind?

Remember this always: One with truly serious attitude always gain respect from others. 

A Diligent pianist

If you have noble ability, your hardworking will strengthen your ability; If you have normal ability, your hardworking will fill up your ability.

A famous pianist was on a reporting assignment after his excellent performance.  The reporter asked him that why he should practise everyday since he’s already so good in it.  The pianist said, if he didn’t practise for one day, his fingers would be stiff. If he didn’t practise for three days, his friends would know and if he didn’t practise for a week, all of his audience would come to know…

There are no “flukes” or “success by accident”.  The high price that paid and the toilsome behind is always unknown.

Success is definitely by accumulating.  There is no immediate way, the secret to success is, and always will be knowledge and action. With real basic then only we can stand the trials.

The Strength of Praise

Praise is the sweetest amongst the voice.

A & B are colleagues but they are always not in the agreeable atmosphere.

One day, A asked a colleague to convey her voice that B should change her style and attitude or nobody will accept her.  Since then, whenever B met A, she always shows herself in polite and courtesy manners .  A was pretty much appreciate the colleague and asked what she’s been told that she suddenly changed herself into another person.

The colleague replied that,”Well, there are many people praise you especially A.  She said you are a kind and gentle woman.  That’s all.”

Rebuke and criticise bring a lot of hatred and dissatisfaction.  If you are going to improve certain condition, why not consider the way of praising, let us be the ‘seasoning’ among our friends and colleagues, and because of us, we all can get along in a stimulate and harmony state.  Agree?

A Timid Mouse

The countermeasure to overcome the fear is to face it bravely…

A mouse felt miserable because it afraid of cat.  The God felt sympathy for it’s occurance.  He turned the mouse into a cat. The cat then afraid of dog.  He turned the dog into a tiger, but then the tiger afraid of hunter and worried all the day.  At last, the God turned the tiger back into a mouse and said,”There is nothing I can do for you because you are such a timid mouse.”

We always hope to change an unsatisfying environment to a better zone.  But what we have to change is our inner life and not the outer term or condition. 

Let’s use our wisdom and brave spirit and decided to face the challenge.  So, no more fear for the lack of computer knowledge, no more fear for the writing skill, no more fear for whatever reason, let’s hop to the blogging track and start our journey.  I believe that by practising and gaining experience, over time,we will be there too.