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rock n roll

Huh! I had my rock n roll with friends on Wednesday night.

That’s my second lesson. It’s really cool. You know, as I have mentioned before, I am trying to catch up as many aspects as possible. I found that I have missed many  opportunities when I was young. Now, it’s the time for me. What I want to pursue is the happiness and healthy life.

I really enjoy myself. I didn’t know that I can actually do it well.   

Thanks to my friend, Alex who is always be my partner. And of course, Boon Hong, another partner who likes to make me laugh.  


Recollect my past

Time for me to enjoy again  the 70s-80s’ popular songs.

I enjoy this particular time from 8pm to 12am every Sunday.  I can listen to the songs that recollect my past when I was in my unforgettable school life and my happy moment with my family members. Hm…How to put it? In a word, a very sweet and joyful memory that I can’t have it anymore in my future time.

Sound a bit sad right? Well, I admit.

I admit that I like to take this chance to recollect what has passed. I had a happy childhood memory. I have my beloved dad and mom, my beloved brothers and sisters. Although we are not actually rich, but then we were happy and worry free.

Then, all of a sudden, things started to change. That’s after my mom passed away for no reason…

That time, my brother was only at his age of 10…  

My first belly dancing…

I attended a belly dancing class on Thursday.

Well, do you think I am too old to learn? Brave enough huh? It’s okay. I know may be it’s too late for me to get involved.Anyway, my main goal is to get fit, have fun and get out all my stress.

Our belly dancer teacher came from Finland. She is pretty and sexy. I was mesmerized by her beautiful and graceful movements. With the rythms, musics, every steps and moves, I was so amazed and regretted that I should have found it earlier with this Middle East Culture. 

Oh ya, seems like I forgot to tell you how about me? Yes, you are right. Without any dancing genes and cells, I didn’t do it well. (So sad…) but then again, don’t feel sorry for me, I am just there to have fun and get healthier. So, not to worry me. And I have confidence that over time, some day I will be there, too.

So, do you have any dancing experience which is fun and unforgettable, share with me ya.

It’s going to be very fun for the coming days. And I will share with you what’s the progress I am in. So, if this post of mine attracts you, don’t forget to come back and give me some support. Okay?!