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2nd Chance

 Dream Throw Pillow

Curious? What’s this Dream Cushion?

Well, I am trying to build another ‘dream‘ of mine!

Still not understand? Ok, I had been doing business in gift field happily few years back but for some reasons, I came across a severe blow which led me to the stage that I really couldn’t accept and face it.

Since then, I can hardly stand up. May be it was just a small matter, yet to me, it destroyed all my dreams. I lost everything which belonged to my hard earned…

Life has to be carry on, I know apparently that I need to be strong. I need to hold on to the very end, but somehow I led myself to a life that filled with grief and anxiety. My health then getting poorer and poorer unknowingly…

Thousand thanks to my dear sis, Ann and my brother-in-law, LC. Without them, I really don’t know if I can still be here. With their care and love, and of course for my two kids, I promised myself that my tears will only drop for love concerned since then…

I am still struggling with my life, yet I have directions to focus.

I gained back my health and am doing exercise enjoyably everyday. And I focus on the online business which impressed me much.

Recently, I am busy setting up an online shop which is much similar to my dream. I named it 2nd Chance. Yes, I hope it will be the 2nd chance for me to build my dream. So, I forced myself to learn all that I need to know for me to set up the shop. It took me a lot of time indeed yet I was quite enjoyed. Phew…I have done it eventually.

Hey, I really can’t wait to recommend it to you though it’s just in beta. Remember to visit and give me some suggestions and comments ya.


A considerate friend

A friend of mine bought me durians yesterday.

Wow, yummy!

I have longed for the durians quite a long time. But just couldn’t have it.

Why??? So embarassing to tell you…

Ha, that’s right. I really don’t know  how to choose. Whenever I saw the people who shake and smell like an durian expert, hey I do admire them and wonder how they decide the durian is good.

May be you are going to tell me-why bother? just buy it. Well, I know. But somehow I always like to make things complicated… 😉

Never expect my friend suddenly called me up and said he had bought some durians for me. Know what’s his reason? He said, he knew apparently that woman didn’t know how to buy durians.

Hey, so generalize huh. But then I know he cares for me and I really appreciate him for being so considerate.

I need to force myself

141412737v7_150x150_front.jpgI was struggling with my life all these while. And it’s quite impossible for me to practise my calligraphy. (Lazy! I supposed it should be a proper way to put) 😉

For some reasons, I need to force myself…

Sadly, I was very disappointed with my calligraphy. What I can do is pasting them on the wall which can stimulate me to further efforts.

Excited to manage my blog

Getting more and more excited these days as I am getting much more control with my blogs. Really a great experience  to me and I am much enjoyed when I could manage to put on the different ads into my site all by myself.

That goes with the saying you will sure get it if you do want it. I should then apply the whip to the gallop horse so as to reach my goal as soon as possible.

Be the one to be hurt…

I received a message from a friend, Lim tonight.

Surprisingly, she wanted to meet me up. 2 years back, I got to know her. Actually, not a very pleasant moment with her. Again, as I mentioned before, it is not my habit to have enemy in my list. Since everyone has his own personality and I try to understand that one’s has his own background…

I choose to be the one to be hurt rather than the one to hurt others. Stupid enough huh? My mom told me that always be understandable and never ever must we have any hatred in our life. Well, I am not sure that it’s still applicable at this very realistic world but I am still stick to it. And I strong believe that there is no enemy forever.

Anyway, wish her all the best…

Without money, you are just nobody

So, I do come to a conclusion.

Never ever to expect anyone by your side that can really have you in heart.

May be you  will disagree with me. Or may be you have some say on it. Or may be I am just an unlucky one to have put it in this way.

It’s not because I am a pessimist. It’s not because I always like to put myself in a saddest position. Well, there is no occassion to doubt the truth.

For what I have been gone through so far, I really hate to say so but it’s ironically true that MONEY do come to the first place.

Without money, even if you have abilities, you will also be a ‘nobody’ in people’s eyes.

May be it’s too harsh for me to say so. But again at this very moment, it really is.

The dog in the temple knew what happen to me

After reading the article “Give her 1 degree of warm”, I wonder.

Despite the truth of the story, how nice it is if there is someone really so tender to me.

Me too, once having a comfortable apartment and have a so-called “happy family”. Things happen just so sudden that without my realization. I was struggling all by myself all these years after I moved out from there to a rented house.

I can fully understand and feel the same for such a situation. But then, the said wife in that story was quite a lucky lady. She had all her love from her husband. As for me, well, only my two kids knew the situation of ours. Oh ya, may be another one, the dog in the temple. It knew what happen to us…

Give her at least 1 degree of warm

I read an article from newspaper.

The author received an email from her friend telling her a story.

There was a couple who were facing the sudden financial problem. That winter, they moved out from their luxury apartment to a rented house. The house they rented was dark and damp, just like their mood at that time.

The husband told his wife: “Trust me, everything’s gonna be all right.”

She trusted him.

Then, he started to strive in his day time, sometime not even a call to her. At night, he was alone with his computer doing his research, reading his mail…, most of the time, he fall asleep. He was too exhausted to even chat with her.

She tried to understand. She knew that he had to work very hard. He need rest. However, no matter how tired he was, he insisted taking shower everyday.

He let her to take her shower first when they were at their apartment. She was so touched and proud that he has a husband who was having sympathy with her.

However, everything had changed.

He would struggle to get first when she wanted to take a shower in their rented house…

She began to hesitate, does it mean he didn’t love her anymore?

Then one day, she can’t help herself and asked him for the reason. He became dazed.

She was so desperated. She felt that she was not only lost her apartment but also her husband as well. Then she switched on his computer one day when his husband was out. She was so surprised to find that…

She read a sentence…

“Today, she asked me why do I always get first to shower? I didn’t tell her the truth. I was afraid that she might feel sorry for me because the bathroom was so cold, but I know, after bathing, the temperature will go up a bit, at least 3 degrees C, 2 degrees C or 1 degree C. It will then give her a bit of warm when she takes her shower after me. In such a hard and cool days, nothing that I can give her but at least, a 1 degree C of warm.”

Her tears tricking down like rain…

I was touched by this story. It’s quite a precious story to me especially in this very moment that I found there is seldom or never have any love around this icy and realistic society. I mean true love.

Never, ever give up

Yes, this need to be one of my motto.

Being successful is not easy. It requires continuous efforts, constant improvements, unshakable determination and disciplines.

I should deny that I have had tons of failures, it depresses me most of the time. However, I need to convince and encourage myself. No matter how tough and how hard, it gives no excuses. I would never, ever give it up.

It’s true that because of the failures I gained experiences. And it’s true also with a saying that “Experience is always our best teacher”. Now at least I know what’s best for me to pursue and what’s the things I should ignore and let go.

We really need a lot of struggles to accomplish towards success. If you have yet to reach the success you desire, you are not alone. Count me in to join you and lets strive for it together.

Bless you…

Shouldn’t be an obstacle to me

I came across an article about making money from blog which we do need a decent functional understanding of a variety of web technologies which generally includes:-

  • Blog Publishing Software
  • RSS/Syndication
  • Blog Comments(comment spam)
  • Feed Aggregators
  • Pings
  • Trackbacks
  • Full vs Partial feeds
  • Blog Carnivals (for kick starting your blog’s traffic)
  • Search Engine
  • Search Engine Optimigation (SEO)
  • Page Rank
  • Social Bookmarking
  • Tagging
  • Contextual Advertising
  • Afilliate Programs
  • Traffic Statistics
  • Email
  • Podcasting
  • Instant Messaging
  • PHP
  • Other Web Scripting Languages        

Oh Well, scanning the list above, it really makes my head spin actually. 

I know apparently that lack of understanding will be the major cause of failure in the realm of on line income generation. However, as I decided to start with this manner of income generation , I am prepared to learn and acquire a basic understanding of it. In the time it would take me to fully understand. 

Well, again, it’s a matter of time.  

It surely shouldn’t be an obstacle to me.