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2nd Chance

 Dream Throw Pillow

Curious? What’s this Dream Cushion?

Well, I am trying to build another ‘dream‘ of mine!

Still not understand? Ok, I had been doing business in gift field happily few years back but for some reasons, I came across a severe blow which led me to the stage that I really couldn’t accept and face it.

Since then, I can hardly stand up. May be it was just a small matter, yet to me, it destroyed all my dreams. I lost everything which belonged to my hard earned…

Life has to be carry on, I know apparently that I need to be strong. I need to hold on to the very end, but somehow I led myself to a life that filled with grief and anxiety. My health then getting poorer and poorer unknowingly…

Thousand thanks to my dear sis, Ann and my brother-in-law, LC. Without them, I really don’t know if I can still be here. With their care and love, and of course for my two kids, I promised myself that my tears will only drop for love concerned since then…

I am still struggling with my life, yet I have directions to focus.

I gained back my health and am doing exercise enjoyably everyday. And I focus on the online business which impressed me much.

Recently, I am busy setting up an online shop which is much similar to my dream. I named it 2nd Chance. Yes, I hope it will be the 2nd chance for me to build my dream. So, I forced myself to learn all that I need to know for me to set up the shop. It took me a lot of time indeed yet I was quite enjoyed. Phew…I have done it eventually.

Hey, I really can’t wait to recommend it to you though it’s just in beta. Remember to visit and give me some suggestions and comments ya.

Life is just too short…

My eldest brother called me and informed me that my youngest aunt has passed away last night due to breast cancer.

After the class, I went and fetched my youngest sister at JB custom. We went together to her place.

It’s been 10 years I didn’t see her. Although she is my grandfather’s adopted daughter, yet my dad doted her very much. Quite a few times, I saw tears in my dad’s eyes…

I recalled my memories. Many things passed by…

When was that when we were all happily kept in touch in our childhood. The time when they were all young and we were just kids. Then, time just passed by without realization.  We are getting old, and a lot of relatives has gone.

I couldn’t sleep well the whole night when I recalled my aunt lying in the coffin…

No, don’t get me wrong. I am not afraid at all. I felt upset.

Life is indeed too short. So much can change within second…

How I wish that I can lost my memory…

These few days, again I found myself unavoidably having a bad emotion…

I keep telling myself that whatever it happens, will all be over at last.  Well, I know you are going to console and inspire me but I just couldn’t help myself to have such a feeling. After all, I am just a woman. I need some strength to move on…

It’s been a week that I haven’t get myself to have a good exercise. Really tired and dull to have such a life style. Sometimes, just feel like I might as well become one who lost the memory and cannot recover what had happened…

Well, it’s just a vain thought. When I back to the reality, I need to face everything in front of me. Friends recently quite concern about me and keep asking the reason for being so lethargic.


May be I should catch up with friends and shouldn’t lock myself in the stuffy room or go out to have a good running just to get myself a good sweat.

Is responsibility important for you

Quite all the times, I have tons of questions about how should a man bear his responsibility.

Well, I always feel that not only men but women  should always have their sense of responsibilities. But I just can’t understand why many of them are lacking it.

What responsibilities should you bear? At least explanation, right?

Do you find responsibility is important for you? or it’s just nothing?

rock n roll

Huh! I had my rock n roll with friends on Wednesday night.

That’s my second lesson. It’s really cool. You know, as I have mentioned before, I am trying to catch up as many aspects as possible. I found that I have missed many  opportunities when I was young. Now, it’s the time for me. What I want to pursue is the happiness and healthy life.

I really enjoy myself. I didn’t know that I can actually do it well.   

Thanks to my friend, Alex who is always be my partner. And of course, Boon Hong, another partner who likes to make me laugh.  

Tips to look more sexy

As promised, I will share with you some tips on how to look more sexy.

Eat healty food                                            
It’s important to have regular meal to maintain good health and younger look. You mustn’t skip breakfast because it’s the most important meal in a day. Try to eat healthy food like wholemeal bread or brown rice and avoid junk food. Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day and eat more fruits and vegetables which contains anti-aging phytochemical. Fatty fish such as salmon is also a must every week. 

Good skin care
This will help you to set a good foundation for the future. Choose the right skin care product according to your age and your skin type.

Wearing  matching  lingerie                                                                                                 Choose the right lingerie that fit to you is also very important. You feel comfortable and it will certainly boost up your confidence and your sexy body.

Regular Exercise                                            
It’s very useful in stimulating blood circulation of the skin. Try to maintain a regular activity at least 3 times a week. Swimming, brisk walk and cycling can be a good choice for you. Yoga is very useful to release stress which is food for skin and health as well.    

Remember Always                                      
Apart from the above mentioned , don’t forget the most important thing. ie., to upgrade your self-knowledge and self-cultivation at all times. Keep your temper and BE patient.

And yes, Smile always.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       



Sexy me

People around me said I am getting sexier recently…

I appreciate such compliment. But, what has come across your mind huh?

I must put it in this way.

Sexy is an attitude. It gains from living, from experience. 

Time and tide wait for no man. We all will grow old. However, self-knowledge, a thing that we can gain with age, I get myself concentrate on this all this while and I do keep myself in an informed, active mind and a well maintained physique.

Smile! This assurely is a sexy virtue. I like to smile. Without specific reason, I just want people around me to feel good.

Hmmm…that’s a simple sexy me in my friends’ talk.

Well, I will give you some tips on how to look more sexy. So, don’t forget to come back to me ya.

Bless me

Phew! Finally it’s 5am in the morning.

I couldn’t sleep for the whole night. It’s been 2 days already that I couldn’t get myself to sleep.

With my “panda” eyes, my friend asked what the stress that I had.

Well, I am not so sure. Just a little bit this and that could then seriously lead me to insomnia. I will have to get myself to a really exhausted state today and hoping that tonight I will sleep tight and have a sweet dream.

Bless me…

My first belly dancing…

I attended a belly dancing class on Thursday.

Well, do you think I am too old to learn? Brave enough huh? It’s okay. I know may be it’s too late for me to get involved.Anyway, my main goal is to get fit, have fun and get out all my stress.

Our belly dancer teacher came from Finland. She is pretty and sexy. I was mesmerized by her beautiful and graceful movements. With the rythms, musics, every steps and moves, I was so amazed and regretted that I should have found it earlier with this Middle East Culture. 

Oh ya, seems like I forgot to tell you how about me? Yes, you are right. Without any dancing genes and cells, I didn’t do it well. (So sad…) but then again, don’t feel sorry for me, I am just there to have fun and get healthier. So, not to worry me. And I have confidence that over time, some day I will be there, too.

So, do you have any dancing experience which is fun and unforgettable, share with me ya.

It’s going to be very fun for the coming days. And I will share with you what’s the progress I am in. So, if this post of mine attracts you, don’t forget to come back and give me some support. Okay?!

It’s over…

I went and checked my blood pressure yesterday.
I was so glad to see my blood pressure rate back to normal.
It’s indeed a terrible experience to me when I was in my depressing situation last few years.
How am I going to put it for what had happened on me? It’s over…
Well, I can’t say that my problems are solved, but I am just viewing outside the box, look outside the window. I am now learning how to let things go, how to love myself, how to value my health, my mood, my soul and spirit.
Sometimes, I really feel so blessed for what had happening in my life. If not, I may not be what I am today. It hasn’t been easier for me though, but I managed.
Eversince I got to know that my health was at a really bad and crucial condition, I know it was the time for me to stand up and not to look back anymore.
I am so fortunate to have my sister and sister in law around who always encourage me and shower all their love. I am also very fortunate to have a great doctor who was impacting me not only physically but also mentally.
Since then, I was trying hard to improve my health. I do research on health and fitness. Surprisingly, I began to love exercise. I have not felt this healthy in years. It’s wonderful when I get myself sweating a lot after the exercise. And I hooked up with many new friends that always inspired me.
I will share with you here the information about health and fitness that I have been gathered. I may not be an expert on the topic, but then from what I gained all this while, It might help.
So, let’s hope we have a healthy us.