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2nd Chance

 Dream Throw Pillow

Curious? What’s this Dream Cushion?

Well, I am trying to build another ‘dream‘ of mine!

Still not understand? Ok, I had been doing business in gift field happily few years back but for some reasons, I came across a severe blow which led me to the stage that I really couldn’t accept and face it.

Since then, I can hardly stand up. May be it was just a small matter, yet to me, it destroyed all my dreams. I lost everything which belonged to my hard earned…

Life has to be carry on, I know apparently that I need to be strong. I need to hold on to the very end, but somehow I led myself to a life that filled with grief and anxiety. My health then getting poorer and poorer unknowingly…

Thousand thanks to my dear sis, Ann and my brother-in-law, LC. Without them, I really don’t know if I can still be here. With their care and love, and of course for my two kids, I promised myself that my tears will only drop for love concerned since then…

I am still struggling with my life, yet I have directions to focus.

I gained back my health and am doing exercise enjoyably everyday. And I focus on the online business which impressed me much.

Recently, I am busy setting up an online shop which is much similar to my dream. I named it 2nd Chance. Yes, I hope it will be the 2nd chance for me to build my dream. So, I forced myself to learn all that I need to know for me to set up the shop. It took me a lot of time indeed yet I was quite enjoyed. Phew…I have done it eventually.

Hey, I really can’t wait to recommend it to you though it’s just in beta. Remember to visit and give me some suggestions and comments ya.


I need to force myself

141412737v7_150x150_front.jpgI was struggling with my life all these while. And it’s quite impossible for me to practise my calligraphy. (Lazy! I supposed it should be a proper way to put) 😉

For some reasons, I need to force myself…

Sadly, I was very disappointed with my calligraphy. What I can do is pasting them on the wall which can stimulate me to further efforts.

Wonderful evening

Curious about what I was doing this evening?

Tell you what. I spent all my evening at home doing all the photos scanning.

I got my scanner re-installed this afternoon, I have been quite fed-up with my scanner everytime I tried to use it, it just won’t allowed. So, I have all my things and projects stucked.

After reinstalling, hey, it’s really a joyful thing to me when I can finally use it for my projects. I digged out all my photos and  have my calligraphy sheets.  My kids were busy helping me too.

I felt happy and satisfied with all my works done. I have scanned and keep all my childhood  photos into  my folder.

I really enjoyed this evening though I was tired and…forgot to tell you, I forgot my dinner.

full moon celebration

Last night, I was invited to a friend’s house to attend her daughter’s full moon celebration.

Wow, never expect that it was so crowded. Well, it’s indeed a joyful night. I really can sense the happiness from my friend. After her 12 years long break, the third time being a mom, her husband treated her like new married.

All the guests were happily enjoyed the abundant buffet. I met some of my friends there and had a good chat with them.

A really sincere wishes need to go to my friend. God bless her, wish her and her family happy all the times.

Sweet memories at organic farm

Unforgettable memory

Indeed, it’s been quite a long time that we have not been gathered together to have a trip.

On this very day, a special way to celebrate the father’s day. My sister Ann and I decided to bring dad to the organic farm in Jalan Kluang with some of my siblings.

This is my second visit actually. The delightfully fresh and quiet place that impress me much, especially when we are in the double storey hut to view the whole farm. With such a huge organic dragon fruits neatly planted row by row, and with the pure,cool and refreshing breeze blowing now and then…Can imagine? How nice it is if I can be there for most of my leisure time to keep my head cool…

All of them seemed enjoyed especially the kids. After taking the fried meehoon that prepared by Ann who is so caring, all of them couldn’t wait for taking the photos. Yet, a flow in the perfection was that all the four kids were disappointed for the disapproval of cycling as it was drizzling.

We have to be parted finally as time flies. It’s unbearable to say goodbye but with this unforgettable trip, I look forward to another gathering.

Hoping that every one of them did enjoy the trip especially my dad. With our love to you, dad, happy father’s day.

New interest

Recently, I have hooked up with photographing.

I invested a digital camera last year since I have the intention of having a blogging life. Before this, I totally don’t have the interest of photographing. What’s in my mind is that the camera is only for us to take some travelling’s photos or may be day life’s photos. But when I have my new owned camera. It changed my opinion…

Now, I carry my digital camera by my side always just to take any of the beautiful thing or just a normal thing that you can’t think of. My two kids always nagging that I must be something wrong to take the photos of those.

Never expect that in my age of 40, I can have another new interest add on.

This is one of my piece which I took from the cherry tree in front of a kindergarten. It’s most of my pleasure to have your comments here.

practise calligraphy

This afternoon, I was prompted to have my calligraphy practice by a sudden impulse.

It’s been a long time since I last hold my chinese pen.

Yep, it’s one of my hobbies. I love calligraphy so much.

My grandfather had mastered a very fantastic calligraphy. It’s a thousand pities that I didn’t grab the opportunity to learn from him.

I wrote nearly 100 characters. My two boys also enjoyed with me and took down the photos for that.

Although I am not quite satisfied with my work, yet they feel proud of me. Sometimes, my two boys really give me strength and support. And this give me the courage to face my days.  

rock n roll

Huh! I had my rock n roll with friends on Wednesday night.

That’s my second lesson. It’s really cool. You know, as I have mentioned before, I am trying to catch up as many aspects as possible. I found that I have missed many  opportunities when I was young. Now, it’s the time for me. What I want to pursue is the happiness and healthy life.

I really enjoy myself. I didn’t know that I can actually do it well.   

Thanks to my friend, Alex who is always be my partner. And of course, Boon Hong, another partner who likes to make me laugh.  

Miss him, my Punjabi’s friend

One of my Punjabi’s friend invited me to her house to celebrate their new year.

It’s actually a new experience to me to attend Punjabi’s new year. 

I know just a little about their cultural but from what I know that Punjabi/Sikh(Nanakshahi) New Year-Balsakhi Festival, also called Vaisakhi, holds great importance for the Sikh community and farmers of Punjab.

Baisakhi falls on April 13/14. Sikh also celebrate this day in honor of their tenth guru, Guru Gobind Singh. 

So, I enjoyed myself with my kids and my friends in her house. We had the delicious ‘Roti Nan’ made on the spot by a handsome chef. Wow, his ‘Roti Nan’ is really tasty. I totally forgot that I was on diet and took two pieces of that.

Hey, the really exciting part was the dancing hour. We really enjoyed ourselves.

Really thanks to my friend to let me have an enjoyable weekend. 

It reminds me one of my Punjabi’s friend that I knew at the college in Singapore 21 years ago. I don’t know where he is now and how he is. Really miss him and wish him all the best…