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A considerate friend

A friend of mine bought me durians yesterday.

Wow, yummy!

I have longed for the durians quite a long time. But just couldn’t have it.

Why??? So embarassing to tell you…

Ha, that’s right. I really don’t know  how to choose. Whenever I saw the people who shake and smell like an durian expert, hey I do admire them and wonder how they decide the durian is good.

May be you are going to tell me-why bother? just buy it. Well, I know. But somehow I always like to make things complicated… 😉

Never expect my friend suddenly called me up and said he had bought some durians for me. Know what’s his reason? He said, he knew apparently that woman didn’t know how to buy durians.

Hey, so generalize huh. But then I know he cares for me and I really appreciate him for being so considerate.


full moon celebration

Last night, I was invited to a friend’s house to attend her daughter’s full moon celebration.

Wow, never expect that it was so crowded. Well, it’s indeed a joyful night. I really can sense the happiness from my friend. After her 12 years long break, the third time being a mom, her husband treated her like new married.

All the guests were happily enjoyed the abundant buffet. I met some of my friends there and had a good chat with them.

A really sincere wishes need to go to my friend. God bless her, wish her and her family happy all the times.

Unexpected touching…

Around noon, my phone rang.

A friend of mine called and wished to meet me up.

Guess what? Just to bring me the peanut biscuits that he bought purposely for me. I was much touched and actually appreciated him. What made me feel sorry was he is such a busy businessman yet he still made his time up just to pass me the biscuits.

Really appreciate for his friendship.

Friends cannot be trusted…

Some says, friends cannot be trusted and we don’t have to be true to friends or we just need to adopt an insincere attitude towords friends…

What do you think?

May be they are true. But it really depends. I won’t do that for sure. I cherish every of my friends. May be some of them are just not sincere enough to me, yet I don’t mind. Everybody has their choice to be true to the friends they chose and we should not be so despotic to them.

 I myself consider lucky that I have friends around to inspire me up all the time. Whenever I befriend with someone, I definitely sincere to them, because I know for whom who knows how to appreciate will definitely go the same to you.

Really thanks to my friends around all this while, and also my on line friend, WAhYeong who always takes his precious time to visit my blog and leaves his comments to me. I really sense their care and love …

Will you forgive him???

How will you feel when there is a day that one whom you love in part of your life is hurting you so deeply?

When you found out some day that the one whom you believe he will never hurt you but protect you came up with the one that you just cannot accept what he had done.

Will you forgive him? Will you believe him again? Will you give him one more chance when you actually had given him uptime chances.

The one who really never care about what will happen to you or care about what’s the dangerous situation might come out in your life, or he just don’t care about your life and death. In short, he just ignore everything.

Some say that time will cure the wound. No!!! Over time,may be you won’t feel so pain. Yet, deep down the heart, it will never be cured even in other’s eyes you have recovered.

Well, what’s there to wish for?

Take care of yourself and Love yourself…Trust Me!

I shouldn’t be so demanding…

Recently, I seriously look into myself…

Well, a common and simple lady. It’s been a long time I have totally lose confidence in myself. Friends around always inspired me up. Their words did encourage me a lot…

All of these while, my life seemed to be up side down. I have locked myself up for quite some time. I have been down but fortunately I have always like to smile to people although it looked so sad. Friends increased and surprisingly they like to catch up with me always. Thanks to all my friends and I will definitely cherish them…

May be I need to have another view of my life. Although I can’t have a life that I long for, yet I lead a simple life that there are friends around now and then to inspired me up.

What’s more should I ask for? May be I really shouldn’t be so demanding…

Is responsibility important for you

Quite all the times, I have tons of questions about how should a man bear his responsibility.

Well, I always feel that not only men but women  should always have their sense of responsibilities. But I just can’t understand why many of them are lacking it.

What responsibilities should you bear? At least explanation, right?

Do you find responsibility is important for you? or it’s just nothing?

Am I really that cruel

Experiece gained from all these years…

No matter how you care for others, no matter how you place your heart, when they feel it’s nothing, well, it really means it’s nothing.

I won’t say that what I ‘ve given is something, yet it’s also not nothing.

Am I really that cruel? Well, I think so.

There’s no way I can choose. Yes, nothing I can choose, I must say that in a saddest way.

Be the one to be hurt…

I received a message from a friend, Lim tonight.

Surprisingly, she wanted to meet me up. 2 years back, I got to know her. Actually, not a very pleasant moment with her. Again, as I mentioned before, it is not my habit to have enemy in my list. Since everyone has his own personality and I try to understand that one’s has his own background…

I choose to be the one to be hurt rather than the one to hurt others. Stupid enough huh? My mom told me that always be understandable and never ever must we have any hatred in our life. Well, I am not sure that it’s still applicable at this very realistic world but I am still stick to it. And I strong believe that there is no enemy forever.

Anyway, wish her all the best…