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2nd Chance

 Dream Throw Pillow

Curious? What’s this Dream Cushion?

Well, I am trying to build another ‘dream‘ of mine!

Still not understand? Ok, I had been doing business in gift field happily few years back but for some reasons, I came across a severe blow which led me to the stage that I really couldn’t accept and face it.

Since then, I can hardly stand up. May be it was just a small matter, yet to me, it destroyed all my dreams. I lost everything which belonged to my hard earned…

Life has to be carry on, I know apparently that I need to be strong. I need to hold on to the very end, but somehow I led myself to a life that filled with grief and anxiety. My health then getting poorer and poorer unknowingly…

Thousand thanks to my dear sis, Ann and my brother-in-law, LC. Without them, I really don’t know if I can still be here. With their care and love, and of course for my two kids, I promised myself that my tears will only drop for love concerned since then…

I am still struggling with my life, yet I have directions to focus.

I gained back my health and am doing exercise enjoyably everyday. And I focus on the online business which impressed me much.

Recently, I am busy setting up an online shop which is much similar to my dream. I named it 2nd Chance. Yes, I hope it will be the 2nd chance for me to build my dream. So, I forced myself to learn all that I need to know for me to set up the shop. It took me a lot of time indeed yet I was quite enjoyed. Phew…I have done it eventually.

Hey, I really can’t wait to recommend it to you though it’s just in beta. Remember to visit and give me some suggestions and comments ya.

Wonderful evening

Curious about what I was doing this evening?

Tell you what. I spent all my evening at home doing all the photos scanning.

I got my scanner re-installed this afternoon, I have been quite fed-up with my scanner everytime I tried to use it, it just won’t allowed. So, I have all my things and projects stucked.

After reinstalling, hey, it’s really a joyful thing to me when I can finally use it for my projects. I digged out all my photos and  have my calligraphy sheets.  My kids were busy helping me too.

I felt happy and satisfied with all my works done. I have scanned and keep all my childhood  photos into  my folder.

I really enjoyed this evening though I was tired and…forgot to tell you, I forgot my dinner.

Get his ID card eventually

After applying his Mykad(ID card), my son longed for the collecting.

We were told  that the card took about three weeks for processing, and we can collect the card after receiving the letter from them.

It’s  already a month and we haven’t received any of their letter for collecting the card. My son can’t wait such a long time and he kept asking me whether I have received any of their letter. After all, this is the very first card that prove his identity, really can’t blame his excitement.

So, I checked from internet and found out the card has actually ready for collection after 5 days of his application. We rushed down there but what a luck, the computer was offline and we couldnot do anything but went back unsatisfying. My son then revealed his dissatisfaction and asked me to collect his ID card when there is time I can make it.

The next day, after my class, I rushed down their place at 4.55pm,  just 5 minutes before they close. Hey hey, a really handsome photo in his ID card, I know he is satisfied with his card.

Life is just too short…

My eldest brother called me and informed me that my youngest aunt has passed away last night due to breast cancer.

After the class, I went and fetched my youngest sister at JB custom. We went together to her place.

It’s been 10 years I didn’t see her. Although she is my grandfather’s adopted daughter, yet my dad doted her very much. Quite a few times, I saw tears in my dad’s eyes…

I recalled my memories. Many things passed by…

When was that when we were all happily kept in touch in our childhood. The time when they were all young and we were just kids. Then, time just passed by without realization.  We are getting old, and a lot of relatives has gone.

I couldn’t sleep well the whole night when I recalled my aunt lying in the coffin…

No, don’t get me wrong. I am not afraid at all. I felt upset.

Life is indeed too short. So much can change within second…

Do we really know our rights?

An email was received this evening and it’s actually passing the message to women.

An incident was happened that a young girl was raped by a man posing as a plain clothes officer. Because of she and her male friend didn’t have a driving license to show, her male friend was sent off and the girl was asked to accompany him to the police station, took her instead to an isolated area and …

Knowledge is always power and it’s good for us to know our rights.

I totally don’t realize that a woman has the right to refuse to go to the police station between 6pm to 6am, even if an arrest warrant has been issued against. A woman can be arrested between 6pm to 6am ONLY if she is arrested by a woman officer and taken to an all women police station. And if she is arrested by a male officer, it has to be proven that a woman officer was on duty at the time of arrest.

We really need to learn more about law and our rights. After all, it’s a way to protect ourselves.

Hoping that this post of mine will help you  to better know our rights and so we can have the high chances to protect ourselves.

Is change needed?

This evening, I received an email from my youngest sister Annie.

It’s regarding the story of the eagle. Well, I have come across this story quite a number of times. Actually this is a motivated story that always like to presented by many organizations especially direct selling and insurance company.

Since I came through this again through the email, I would like to share with you all here. Hoping that it will inspire you up if you are now  just in an unhappy or down state.

Quite a number of people know that eagle can live up to 70 years old. Yet,  a hard decision has to be made in it’s 40’s so as to reach this age. That is when it’s long and flexible talons can no longer grab prey. It’s long and sharp beak become bent. It’s old age and heavy wings due to their thick feathers become stuck to it’s chest and make it difficult to fly…

It’s a wisdom for them to choose the options. Die or go through a painful process of change which last 150 days…

The process requires the eagle to fly on to a peak, which is a place that it can totally change itself, it is hard and pain though. It knocks it’s beak against a rock until it pluck it out. After plucking it out, the eagle will wait for a new beak to grow back and then it will pluck out it’s talon. When it’s new talons grow back, it starts plucking it’s old-aged feathers.

Five month’s time, a really painful time for struggling…

Yet, a  new life and joyful reborn feeling that no one can really understand make it lives for another 30 years.

Yes, again it can now glide in the sky to enjoy it’s life…

Till here, such a feeling that suddenly struck me. Well, I am now also at my age of 40. Hey, I am also at the state of struggling. It has been a strong believe that one need to change in order to survive. We need to get rid of old memories, habits, and other past traditions. In short,  that’s when we free from past burdens, then only we can take advantage of the present.  

So, I am trying hard to change myself too all these while. Hoping that I will have a new born life and there is a sky for me soon…  

Sweet memories at organic farm

Unforgettable memory

Indeed, it’s been quite a long time that we have not been gathered together to have a trip.

On this very day, a special way to celebrate the father’s day. My sister Ann and I decided to bring dad to the organic farm in Jalan Kluang with some of my siblings.

This is my second visit actually. The delightfully fresh and quiet place that impress me much, especially when we are in the double storey hut to view the whole farm. With such a huge organic dragon fruits neatly planted row by row, and with the pure,cool and refreshing breeze blowing now and then…Can imagine? How nice it is if I can be there for most of my leisure time to keep my head cool…

All of them seemed enjoyed especially the kids. After taking the fried meehoon that prepared by Ann who is so caring, all of them couldn’t wait for taking the photos. Yet, a flow in the perfection was that all the four kids were disappointed for the disapproval of cycling as it was drizzling.

We have to be parted finally as time flies. It’s unbearable to say goodbye but with this unforgettable trip, I look forward to another gathering.

Hoping that every one of them did enjoy the trip especially my dad. With our love to you, dad, happy father’s day.

Will you forgive him???

How will you feel when there is a day that one whom you love in part of your life is hurting you so deeply?

When you found out some day that the one whom you believe he will never hurt you but protect you came up with the one that you just cannot accept what he had done.

Will you forgive him? Will you believe him again? Will you give him one more chance when you actually had given him uptime chances.

The one who really never care about what will happen to you or care about what’s the dangerous situation might come out in your life, or he just don’t care about your life and death. In short, he just ignore everything.

Some say that time will cure the wound. No!!! Over time,may be you won’t feel so pain. Yet, deep down the heart, it will never be cured even in other’s eyes you have recovered.

Well, what’s there to wish for?

Take care of yourself and Love yourself…Trust Me!

Rest Peacefully…

It’s been a long time that I have not seen my granduncle.

If it’s not mistaken, it should be over 16 years since my mom passed away. Actually, I really hate this kind of feeling. He is my grandfather’s brother. They are very much alike.  I really don’t know the ‘exact’ reason why we have not seeing each other all these years. I don’t like the feeling of hatred. But then…

This afternoon, I had a bad news from my friend that my granduncle has passed away…

At that very moment, I had a very down mood…

Well, life is so short, there is always no U turn for us. We have to learn how to let things go, easier said than done, right?

The silence of the midnight brought me a lot of thought, just a word to my long lost contact granduncle, rest peacefully…