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tears drop Me, who only about to realize what’s that all about life at the age of 40, love reading in most of my leisure time.

Well, it’s not too late for me to start living in an active and possitive life I supposed.  Hoping to upgrade myself probably in every aspects including my health, my thoughts, my abilities, my financial situation, my knowledge, social life, self-cultivation, … and lots more.   After struggling for some years, I think the most scariest part of my life should be over. I am now doing what I want to be doing, loving my life, and enjoying every sandwich.

It’s really motivated when I came across to know that many of the bloggers have made their considerable income through their excellent blogging.  Despite of the lack of my computer knowledge and my writing skill, I think I should also get myself involved and have some experience on it.  I may be unfamiliar in the blogosphere at the moment, but over time I think I’ll be slowly on track by practising and gaining experience.  I am so strongly believe that wherever I want to go, stride forward right from where I am.

So if you happened to stumble here, it’s most of my pleasure to have your constructive comments, suggestions, ideas or may be your encouragements here as well. 

Thank you and have my warm regards.

5 comments so far

  1. papajoneh on

    Nice to know u, Denise. I started blogging on March. Its really an experience that really scared me but somehow glad that i jumped into it. I found so many friends and in the same time got to know how to make money online too. So far, its been good to me. Not much like others but so far, new friends never stop coming. I’m glad I found u too.Thanks for the wishes at my blog. 🙂

  2. Ann Lau on

    Hi read you always. Cheer-up ha 🙂

  3. highwayoflife on

    Dear Denise,

    Thanks for your wonderful visit to my blog! I’m only a humble newbie blogger.

    I wish you all the best in your dreams and I want to be one of the first to lay hands on your book when it comes out!

    🙂 Blog on..

  4. denise67 on

    Thanks papajoneh for taking time here. Wish you have a bright path in your blogging journey.

    Dear Ann, I know you will always by my side. Really thanks for your love and care.

    Hi highwayoflife, you indeed a supporter of mine huh. So, I think I need to apply the whip to the gallop horse to have my wish come true. Thanks for having the confidence in me.;-)

  5. highwayoflife on

    🙂 I know you can, is only when. 67’s my fave number by the way… coincidence?

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