Don’t put up with put down

I came across this at my friend’s house. Share it here with you.

If people put you down, you don’t  have to put up with it. When it happens, tell them exactlly how you feel-that you don’t need their put downs.

Remember, no one can put you down unless you let them. Let  know you deserve better, because you do.

Know something?  I love reading books or articles with motivation and stimulation. It’s a way I inspire myself, my confidence, and to go one step further.

Dr.Quency once said that what I actually lack is the most important thing -confidence!

Well, I may be not as good as he said, but I really need to admit that I am a totally no confident person since I was a small girl…, till then in my middle age, a lot of things had happened, I struggled and tried hard to be a confident lady. I can’t say that I have made it. But I have on my way…                                                                                                                                                                                 

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