I need to force myself

141412737v7_150x150_front.jpgI was struggling with my life all these while. And it’s quite impossible for me to practise my calligraphy. (Lazy! I supposed it should be a proper way to put) 😉

For some reasons, I need to force myself…

Sadly, I was very disappointed with my calligraphy. What I can do is pasting them on the wall which can stimulate me to further efforts.

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  1. WAhYeong Chew on

    A beautiful and yet lively character ! It’s me (wo) under the lamb (yang). Righteousness is what each and everyone of us should have!

    Keep it up!

  2. WAhYeong Chew on

    P/s The ‘character’ I quoted refers to the ‘Human character’ that a person posseses as well as the ‘Chinese character’ that you have written.

  3. highwayoflife on

    Nice calligraphy lah! Can buy one a not? hehe

    Love the word especially, it means a lot to a Christian coz it says righteousness is when you are under the covering of the lamb.

  4. denise67 on

    Thanks ya WahYeong. Agree with you that righteousness is everyone of us should have. It would be a wonderful world if everyone of us KNOW that.

    Hey highwayoflife, thanks for your compliment.Don’t worry, my online shop is coming soon, don’t forget to support ya.-;)
    So, stay tuned…

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