Get his ID card eventually

After applying his Mykad(ID card), my son longed for the collecting.

We were told  that the card took about three weeks for processing, and we can collect the card after receiving the letter from them.

It’s  already a month and we haven’t received any of their letter for collecting the card. My son can’t wait such a long time and he kept asking me whether I have received any of their letter. After all, this is the very first card that prove his identity, really can’t blame his excitement.

So, I checked from internet and found out the card has actually ready for collection after 5 days of his application. We rushed down there but what a luck, the computer was offline and we couldnot do anything but went back unsatisfying. My son then revealed his dissatisfaction and asked me to collect his ID card when there is time I can make it.

The next day, after my class, I rushed down their place at 4.55pm,  just 5 minutes before they close. Hey hey, a really handsome photo in his ID card, I know he is satisfied with his card.

2 comments so far

  1. highwayoflife on

    cool… new meaning for your son indeed 🙂

    BTW there’s a LOT of complaints about first layer peeling off in MyKads so ask your son take care of the card.

    I’m a Singaporean but I know about this coz I work with both the current and vendor for MyKad.

    Thanks for leaving your thoughtful comments on my blog 🙂

  2. highwayoflife on

    sorry I mean current and new* vendor

    – M’sia garment is in the process of changing vendors for MyKad.

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