Life is just too short…

My eldest brother called me and informed me that my youngest aunt has passed away last night due to breast cancer.

After the class, I went and fetched my youngest sister at JB custom. We went together to her place.

It’s been 10 years I didn’t see her. Although she is my grandfather’s adopted daughter, yet my dad doted her very much. Quite a few times, I saw tears in my dad’s eyes…

I recalled my memories. Many things passed by…

When was that when we were all happily kept in touch in our childhood. The time when they were all young and we were just kids. Then, time just passed by without realization.  We are getting old, and a lot of relatives has gone.

I couldn’t sleep well the whole night when I recalled my aunt lying in the coffin…

No, don’t get me wrong. I am not afraid at all. I felt upset.

Life is indeed too short. So much can change within second…

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  1. WAhYeong Chew on

    “Shen, Lao, Bing, Si’—Growth, aging, sickness and death! This is what each and everyone of us experiences from the time we are in the womb and the time we are put into the coffin. This is an unevitable process of life!

    We ought to grow physically,mentally and spiritually.Don’t you think that Ama or Akong is still growing in some way even they look old.

    You sighed when reached the age of 40( You feel you are old enough to try the transformation of that strong eagle at the high mountain). It’s undoubtedly natural! You see, some people have felt that they are already old even at a much younger age. Ha! Why not become wiser when we get older!

    Sickness always accompany us throughout our. We realise it when it becomes serious. So, live a healthy life and overcome all sicknesses before they become too difficult for us to bear!

    Do you know that our cells are dying everyday and of curse replaced when neccessary! Well, when there is only little replacement or no replacement at all, it is time to be put into the coffin!

    That is a simple description of a human life on this planet earth. Just remember to live healthy and happy life! Cheers!

  2. MK on

    Here to tag. Waiting for you to on-line but see no ones there. Do take care!

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