Is change needed?

This evening, I received an email from my youngest sister Annie.

It’s regarding the story of the eagle. Well, I have come across this story quite a number of times. Actually this is a motivated story that always like to presented by many organizations especially direct selling and insurance company.

Since I came through this again through the email, I would like to share with you all here. Hoping that it will inspire you up if you are now  just in an unhappy or down state.

Quite a number of people know that eagle can live up to 70 years old. Yet,  a hard decision has to be made in it’s 40’s so as to reach this age. That is when it’s long and flexible talons can no longer grab prey. It’s long and sharp beak become bent. It’s old age and heavy wings due to their thick feathers become stuck to it’s chest and make it difficult to fly…

It’s a wisdom for them to choose the options. Die or go through a painful process of change which last 150 days…

The process requires the eagle to fly on to a peak, which is a place that it can totally change itself, it is hard and pain though. It knocks it’s beak against a rock until it pluck it out. After plucking it out, the eagle will wait for a new beak to grow back and then it will pluck out it’s talon. When it’s new talons grow back, it starts plucking it’s old-aged feathers.

Five month’s time, a really painful time for struggling…

Yet, a  new life and joyful reborn feeling that no one can really understand make it lives for another 30 years.

Yes, again it can now glide in the sky to enjoy it’s life…

Till here, such a feeling that suddenly struck me. Well, I am now also at my age of 40. Hey, I am also at the state of struggling. It has been a strong believe that one need to change in order to survive. We need to get rid of old memories, habits, and other past traditions. In short,  that’s when we free from past burdens, then only we can take advantage of the present.  

So, I am trying hard to change myself too all these while. Hoping that I will have a new born life and there is a sky for me soon…  

2 comments so far

  1. highwayoflife on

    I love eagles and I like the honesty in your post. Will visit again.

  2. gmack on

    I’m not sure it’s about forgetting the past but more about adapting to the future. Neat story all the same. Thanks for sharing

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