Friends cannot be trusted…

Some says, friends cannot be trusted and we don’t have to be true to friends or we just need to adopt an insincere attitude towords friends…

What do you think?

May be they are true. But it really depends. I won’t do that for sure. I cherish every of my friends. May be some of them are just not sincere enough to me, yet I don’t mind. Everybody has their choice to be true to the friends they chose and we should not be so despotic to them.

 I myself consider lucky that I have friends around to inspire me up all the time. Whenever I befriend with someone, I definitely sincere to them, because I know for whom who knows how to appreciate will definitely go the same to you.

Really thanks to my friends around all this while, and also my on line friend, WAhYeong who always takes his precious time to visit my blog and leaves his comments to me. I really sense their care and love …

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  1. WAhYeong Chew on

    ‘Ren Zhi Chu, Xing Ben Shan’—at the beginning all people are good! Why some people are bad? Of course there are many reasons for it, esp. at these modern age. But, I still believe that all human beings are still good. You see, a criminal still has the conscience to admit that he has done wrong!

    ‘Jing Ren Zhe Ren Heng Jing Zhi’—People will always respect someone who respects others! Well, I’ve experienced after doing good to others, so many good things happen to me though I didn’t expect any return or reward. To me, it’s greater to give than to receive!( So, don’t praise me publicly, I might stop supporting you!…Ha, Just joking! )

    ‘Ni Yao Xin Zhong Chong Man Ai, Bie Ren Yu Kan Yu Ge Ai’—You are surely lovely if you are full of love! Come on, love yourself, love your kids, love your relatives, love your friends and loves everybody! (But you don’t have to love me cos I don’t mind if I’m not loved. SMILE!)

    Have a good day, and many2 days ahead! I’m going to visit some places in Perak state, definitely not missing Pangkor Island!

  2. Mabel on

    Hey hey dayi! HEre to leave u a comment! ^^ to fill ur blog with more life!! Hahas.. Rmb to come my blog tagg also k? Cheers! Lol!! :p Wish u have a happy day! (^.^) Ah Gurl

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