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Will you forgive him???

How will you feel when there is a day that one whom you love in part of your life is hurting you so deeply?

When you found out some day that the one whom you believeĀ he will never hurt you but protect you came up with the one that you just cannot accept what he had done.

Will you forgive him? Will you believe him again? Will you give him one more chance when you actually had given him uptime chances.

The one who really never care about what will happen to you or care about what’s the dangerous situation might come out in your life, or he just don’t care about your life and death. In short, he just ignore everything.

Some say that time will cure the wound. No!!! Over time,may be you won’t feel so pain. Yet, deep down the heart, it will never be cured even in other’s eyes you have recovered.

Well, what’s there to wish for?

Take careĀ of yourself and Love yourself…Trust Me!