How I wish that I can lost my memory…

These few days, again I found myself unavoidably having a bad emotion…

I keep telling myself that whatever it happens, will all be over at last.  Well, I know you are going to console and inspire me but I just couldn’t help myself to have such a feeling. After all, I am just a woman. I need some strength to move on…

It’s been a week that I haven’t get myself to have a good exercise. Really tired and dull to have such a life style. Sometimes, just feel like I might as well become one who lost the memory and cannot recover what had happened…

Well, it’s just a vain thought. When I back to the reality, I need to face everything in front of me. Friends recently quite concern about me and keep asking the reason for being so lethargic.


May be I should catch up with friends and shouldn’t lock myself in the stuffy room or go out to have a good running just to get myself a good sweat.

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  1. WAhYeong Chew on

    The whole universe is made up of ‘ying’ and ‘yang’.( Perhaps we simply call them ‘ negative’ and ‘positive’)

    These two extreme and opposite but complementary entities always co-exist in anything you can think of.

    In nature, it is interesting to note that these two elements co-esist and combine in such an optimum and balanced proportions as required by a particular instance. THey need not tb be equal in both quantity and quality.

    So, when a normal thing becomes abnormal, we are sure these two partners are not in balance. Then, we ought to find way/ways to make them in balance again.

    For an instance, a person suffers from depression is known to have sarotin ( a chemical in the brain that makes us feel that the life is worth living)level below that of the optimum. It is found that the number of destroyers (of sarotin) is more than that of the producers. They are just not in balance. So, the psychiatrist normally will prescript a drug to his patient to restore the balance.

    Dear Denise, when you know you just feel slightly emotional,lethargic,pessimistic,hopeless and even useless, try to do sth that will help you to restore your vigor and vitality before you go visiting a psychiatrist.

    You see , I have read somewhere in your blog that you are giving some tips to become healthy and sexy. Why not you practise them consistently, and I,m sure you will be, healthy, happy and radiant one day. CheerS!

  2. denise67 on

    Dear WAhYeong, my dear friend.
    Once again, thanks for being so concern to me.
    okay, I promise, finger crossed, I will lead my life in a healthy way.

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