New interest

Recently, I have hooked up with photographing.

I invested a digital camera last year since I have the intention of having a blogging life. Before this, I totally don’t have the interest of photographing. What’s in my mind is that the camera is only for us to take some travelling’s photos or may be day life’s photos. But when I have my new owned camera. It changed my opinion…

Now, I carry my digital camera by my side always just to take any of the beautiful thing or just a normal thing that you can’t think of. My two kids always nagging that I must be something wrong to take the photos of those.

Never expect that in my age of 40, I can have another new interest add on.

This is one of my piece which I took from the cherry tree in front of a kindergarten. It’s most of my pleasure to have your comments here.

3 comments so far

  1. Mabel on

    Hey Hey Dayi! I also luv bloggin now adays.. Haha.. Rmb to view my blog too.. Hmm.. I also started to have an interest on photographin.. I also took lots of pics. Most of them i wil put it on my friendster and some on my blog.. Rmb to go n c k? ^^ Cheerz ^.^

  2. WAhYeong Chew on

    Wow! You are really talented!

    It is never too late to develop another skill at any age. As long as you are intersted, who know you will become a well-known photographer one day.

    The picture you took is really beautiful! Perhaps you can send it for competitions. Who know you might win some prize. Do show more photos (your selcted pieces) in the future, ok?

  3. denise67 on

    Hi my dear girl.
    Really happy to see you here. So we have the same interest and we can have a lot to share in future ya.

    Hi WAhYeong, once again thanks for your encouragement here.

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