I shouldn’t be so demanding…

Recently, I seriously look into myself…

Well, a common and simple lady. It’s been a long time I have totally lose confidence in myself. Friends around always inspired me up. Their words did encourage me a lot…

All of these while, my life seemed to be up side down. I have locked myself up for quite some time. I have been down but fortunately I have always like to smile to people although it looked so sad. Friends increased and surprisingly they like to catch up with me always. Thanks to all my friends and I will definitely cherish them…

May be I need to have another view of my life. Although I can’t have a life that I long for, yet I lead a simple life that there are friends around now and then to inspired me up.

What’s more should I ask for? May be I really shouldn’t be so demanding…

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  1. WAhYeong Chew on

    I really wonder how you manage to look into youself! As for me, I didn’t miss looking at myself in front of a big mirror every morning before I stepped out of the doors to work during my working days, just to make sure I’m presentable! Nowadays, I don’t care about the mirror already because i don’t have to present myself to anybody anymore, as I,m no longer working now.

    An eager student will normally try to get full marks in an exam. Likewise, an ambitious doctor will work towards zero casualty. In actual life, if we can achieve most of our goals, needless to be all,as perfect as we expected, we should be proud and happy that we have done our work. It’s worthwhile to be what we are! Cheers!

  2. denise67 on

    Thanks ya wah yeong.
    Yeah, I got it. We should be proud and happy that we have done our work…

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