Rest Peacefully…

It’s been a long time that I have not seen my granduncle.

If it’s not mistaken, it should be over 16 years since my mom passed away. Actually, I really hate this kind of feeling. He is my grandfather’s brother. They are very much alike.  I really don’t know the ‘exact’ reason why we have not seeing each other all these years. I don’t like the feeling of hatred. But then…

This afternoon, I had a bad news from my friend that my granduncle has passed away…

At that very moment, I had a very down mood…

Well, life is so short, there is always no U turn for us. We have to learn how to let things go, easier said than done, right?

The silence of the midnight brought me a lot of thought, just a word to my long lost contact granduncle, rest peacefully…   

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  1. WAhYeong Chew on

    My condolence for your granduncle, dear Denise!
    May his soul rest in peace!

    As an instataneous response to your post, I would like to share what strike my mind at this moment;

    Think thoroughly,
    Speak wittingly,
    Do carefully,
    Laugh Happily,
    Eat sparingly, and
    Rest peacefully!

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