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Complicated kind of feeling

Today, I brought my son to apply for the Mycard(Identity Card). We were both very excited. He was excited for he finally have an identity card for himself. Yet, to me, was quite a complicated kind of feeling…


Happy Birthday to you, my son

12 years ago on today, I brought my beloved eldest son into this world.

Still remember that he brought us a lot of joys and my life turned to be more content with a little baby around. Back to that time, I was totally no experience and with no elder around, I really didn’t know how to take care of him. But with my love to him, I managed.

Time really flies, he is now taller than me.

We celebrated at a later time with a simple meal just three of us. Yes, both my sons and me. Actually, both my sons are not demanding. They know the situation very well. I am quite gratified with them.

When he was asked to make a wish, guess what? yup! He wished me that I can improve my health soon and be happy all the times…

So, how about you my son? Mom also wish you all the best and once again, Happy Birthday to you…