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A rushing day…

Today is quite a rushing day to me. Well, not only today, I think. It’s almost everyday.

This morning, after tuition, I drove my son to Skudai to have his Taekwando practice. He is having a competition at the end of this month at Kuala Lumpur. Well, I think it is a good opportunity for him to get involved and have an experience on it. As life can always be cruel and full of challenging, it won’t always have the great days that we like to be.

I went and paid a visit to my dad. I was so glad to see he was happy today and we had a tea time together.

Then, I went and fetched my son and drove them to have a hair cut.

Unknowingly, it’s getting dark. I had a revision with them as they are having the examination tomorrow.

Huh, then at last, I only have the time for myself, but then, it’s night time already…