Happy Birthday to me…

Hmmm…at this very mid-night, I am alone here by myself.

Quite exhausted, yet cannot sleep. My aunt sms me  and wishing me  happy birthday. Sometimes,I do feel very lucky that at such state of me, I still have someone there to show their care and love. 

My first blessing came from my brother-in-law. Then my beloved sister IM me and invited me to her house to have a dinner. There I go again, I was touched and…yes, tears drop again…

My little sister then called me too and asked what I want for present…

Thanks so much indeed. I really don’t deserve it.

I think of my mom. I miss her. I really miss her.

Twenty years back, mom also put me in heart. I never can forget that she prepared the birthday cake and refreshments and then locked them in my room just to give me a big surprise. When I backed from school and opened the door, I really wet my eyes. Thank you very much mom, also not forget that you sent a birthday card to me when I was in Singapore. Thanks mom, I love you…

Well, times sometimes really scared me, I am at my age of 40 now. As days gradually add on, what have I owned for what it should be owned. I can’t think too much actually, what brings me feel great is that my little Noel-my sis’s son, he is having the same birthday with me. Wow, I am really happy. Wish him too, a very happy birthday.


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  1. WAhYeong Chew on

    I just received ur message at Friendster and had browsed thro’ some of your daily writings in this website.
    What I gather is that u have lost ur mum and now u r living with 2 sons. R u separated or divorced? R u a Christian?
    It appears to me that u must be having problems, life is tough to you. Normally people who are unhappy but trying to make people happy. And those who needs help are so helpful.
    I’m an educator n I’m quite sympathetic with you. U just forget my ‘problem’ that I put forward to you and just pour out ur grievances. Maybe I could help u in certain ways. Take no drugs if u have sleeping problems. Always look at the potive side in all circumstances. There are always friends to help you!
    God bless!

  2. WAhYeong Chew on

    RESPONSIBLITY is the key word that we have to bear in mind when given the life, liberty, rights, power, duty, trust, and others. Cheers!

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