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Complicated kind of feeling

Today, I brought my son to apply for the Mycard(Identity Card). We were both very excited. He was excited for he finally have an identity card for himself. Yet, to me, was quite a complicated kind of feeling…


Happy Birthday to you, my son

12 years ago on today, I brought my beloved eldest son into this world.

Still remember that he brought us a lot of joys and my life turned to be more content with a little baby around. Back to that time, I was totally no experience and with no elder around, I really didn’t know how to take care of him. But with my love to him, I managed.

Time really flies, he is now taller than me.

We celebrated at a later time with a simple meal just three of us. Yes, both my sons and me. Actually, both my sons are not demanding. They know the situation very well. I am quite gratified with them.

When he was asked to make a wish, guess what? yup! He wished me that I can improve my health soon and be happy all the times…

So, how about you my son? Mom also wish you all the best and once again, Happy Birthday to you…

A rushing day…

Today is quite a rushing day to me. Well, not only today, I think. It’s almost everyday.

This morning, after tuition, I drove my son to Skudai to have his Taekwando practice. He is having a competition at the end of this month at Kuala Lumpur. Well, I think it is a good opportunity for him to get involved and have an experience on it. As life can always be cruel and full of challenging, it won’t always have the great days that we like to be.

I went and paid a visit to my dad. I was so glad to see he was happy today and we had a tea time together.

Then, I went and fetched my son and drove them to have a hair cut.

Unknowingly, it’s getting dark. I had a revision with them as they are having the examination tomorrow.

Huh, then at last, I only have the time for myself, but then, it’s night time already…

Happy Birthday to me…

Hmmm…at this very mid-night, I am alone here by myself.

Quite exhausted, yet cannot sleep. My aunt sms me  and wishing me  happy birthday. Sometimes,I do feel very lucky that at such state of me, I still have someone there to show their care and love. 

My first blessing came from my brother-in-law. Then my beloved sister IM me and invited me to her house to have a dinner. There I go again, I was touched and…yes, tears drop again…

My little sister then called me too and asked what I want for present…

Thanks so much indeed. I really don’t deserve it.

I think of my mom. I miss her. I really miss her.

Twenty years back, mom also put me in heart. I never can forget that she prepared the birthday cake and refreshments and then locked them in my room just to give me a big surprise. When I backed from school and opened the door, I really wet my eyes. Thank you very much mom, also not forget that you sent a birthday card to me when I was in Singapore. Thanks mom, I love you…

Well, times sometimes really scared me, I am at my age of 40 now. As days gradually add on, what have I owned for what it should be owned. I can’t think too much actually, what brings me feel great is that my little Noel-my sis’s son, he is having the same birthday with me. Wow, I am really happy. Wish him too, a very happy birthday.


Is responsibility important for you

Quite all the times, I have tons of questions about how should a man bear his responsibility.

Well, I always feel that not only men but women  should always have their sense of responsibilities. But I just can’t understand why many of them are lacking it.

What responsibilities should you bear? At least explanation, right?

Do you find responsibility is important for you? or it’s just nothing?

practise calligraphy

This afternoon, I was prompted to have my calligraphy practice by a sudden impulse.

It’s been a long time since I last hold my chinese pen.

Yep, it’s one of my hobbies. I love calligraphy so much.

My grandfather had mastered a very fantastic calligraphy. It’s a thousand pities that I didn’t grab the opportunity to learn from him.

I wrote nearly 100 characters. My two boys also enjoyed with me and took down the photos for that.

Although I am not quite satisfied with my work, yet they feel proud of me. Sometimes, my two boys really give me strength and support. And this give me the courage to face my days.  

Am I really that cruel

Experiece gained from all these years…

No matter how you care for others, no matter how you place your heart, when they feel it’s nothing, well, it really means it’s nothing.

I won’t say that what I ‘ve given is something, yet it’s also not nothing.

Am I really that cruel? Well, I think so.

There’s no way I can choose. Yes, nothing I can choose, I must say that in a saddest way.

I am sorry…dad

Dad called me this evening.

I really miss him a lot. He kept asking me over the phone that what had I been doing all this while. It broke my heart indeed. Headed down straight away to his place to pay him a visit although I was dead beat.

My beloved dad, I have always felt sorry for him.

I am such an unfilial daughter.  I should not let him worry about me but things had just turned up unavoidably to current situation.

I can’t remember how many nights that tears on my pillow. I am struggling hard to lead a happy life. I don’t want any body to worry about me. I try to be happy in front of everyone especially in front of whom I love. 

At this very moment. What I can really do is only a word deep down from my heart to my beloved dad…

I am sorry…dad.