Miss him, my Punjabi’s friend

One of my Punjabi’s friend invited me to her house to celebrate their new year.

It’s actually a new experience to me to attend Punjabi’s new year. 

I know just a little about their cultural but from what I know that Punjabi/Sikh(Nanakshahi) New Year-Balsakhi Festival, also called Vaisakhi, holds great importance for the Sikh community and farmers of Punjab.

Baisakhi falls on April 13/14. Sikh also celebrate this day in honor of their tenth guru, Guru Gobind Singh. 

So, I enjoyed myself with my kids and my friends in her house. We had the delicious ‘Roti Nan’ made on the spot by a handsome chef. Wow, his ‘Roti Nan’ is really tasty. I totally forgot that I was on diet and took two pieces of that.

Hey, the really exciting part was the dancing hour. We really enjoyed ourselves.

Really thanks to my friend to let me have an enjoyable weekend. 

It reminds me one of my Punjabi’s friend that I knew at the college in Singapore 21 years ago. I don’t know where he is now and how he is. Really miss him and wish him all the best…

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