What love actually is

I had a chat with my new friend this morning.

She asked me, “Does your husband love you?”

I can’t really answer her actually. Then, I need a answer from her. “What love actually is? What’s the “LOVE” best to define? And how to determine if  your husband love you?”

She replied quite confident that when the case happen in…


He can protect and take care of you no matter how. 

He can do whatever for you.

He can solve every problems of yours. 

He can help you out when you are in trouble.  

He can support you for whatever you do.

He can console you whenever you are down and despair.

He works hard for you so as to give you a comfortable life.  

He never give you any worry for your living.  

He cares for your health.

He cares for your feeling.

He gives you the secure of life.

He can’t bear to let you suffer.

He has all the responsibilities towards you.

He is always there for you.

 …                                                                                                                                                       Ya, these are all that I need always from my husband. But I felt quite ashamed of. Sometimes I just feel that it is quite a failure of me for being a woman that I can’t even have a simple love from whom it should give.

It broke my heart when I heard from someone that he said, “She can manage, don’t worry.”

No, I just want to be a simple woman. I just want a simple life. I am not demanding actually. What I really need is care and love.

Well, forget it.

Tomorrow will be another day.

I just don’t have much time to think it too much. What I really concern is that are all these can best define what love is…

Or you think there should be other elements to take part. If you are free or may be you feel like interacting, feel free to drop me some lines. Okay? 

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