Give her at least 1 degree of warm

I read an article from newspaper.

The author received an email from her friend telling her a story.

There was a couple who were facing the sudden financial problem. That winter, they moved out from their luxury apartment to a rented house. The house they rented was dark and damp, just like their mood at that time.

The husband told his wife: “Trust me, everything’s gonna be all right.”

She trusted him.

Then, he started to strive in his day time, sometime not even a call to her. At night, he was alone with his computer doing his research, reading his mail…, most of the time, he fall asleep. He was too exhausted to even chat with her.

She tried to understand. She knew that he had to work very hard. He need rest. However, no matter how tired he was, he insisted taking shower everyday.

He let her to take her shower first when they were at their apartment. She was so touched and proud that he has a husband who was having sympathy with her.

However, everything had changed.

He would struggle to get first when she wanted to take a shower in their rented house…

She began to hesitate, does it mean he didn’t love her anymore?

Then one day, she can’t help herself and asked him for the reason. He became dazed.

She was so desperated. She felt that she was not only lost her apartment but also her husband as well. Then she switched on his computer one day when his husband was out. She was so surprised to find that…

She read a sentence…

“Today, she asked me why do I always get first to shower? I didn’t tell her the truth. I was afraid that she might feel sorry for me because the bathroom was so cold, but I know, after bathing, the temperature will go up a bit, at least 3 degrees C, 2 degrees C or 1 degree C. It will then give her a bit of warm when she takes her shower after me. In such a hard and cool days, nothing that I can give her but at least, a 1 degree C of warm.”

Her tears tricking down like rain…

I was touched by this story. It’s quite a precious story to me especially in this very moment that I found there is seldom or never have any love around this icy and realistic society. I mean true love.

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