Recollect my past

Time for me to enjoy again  the 70s-80s’ popular songs.

I enjoy this particular time from 8pm to 12am every Sunday.  I can listen to the songs that recollect my past when I was in my unforgettable school life and my happy moment with my family members. Hm…How to put it? In a word, a very sweet and joyful memory that I can’t have it anymore in my future time.

Sound a bit sad right? Well, I admit.

I admit that I like to take this chance to recollect what has passed. I had a happy childhood memory. I have my beloved dad and mom, my beloved brothers and sisters. Although we are not actually rich, but then we were happy and worry free.

Then, all of a sudden, things started to change. That’s after my mom passed away for no reason…

That time, my brother was only at his age of 10…  

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