My friend, a beautiful lady…

My friend Serene, who is a beautiful mom invited me to her house this afternoon.

I know her only in three month’s time. She likes swimming very much and yes, that’s the place, I know her in Sport Complex.

I like to make friends. So I get to know many friends there.

When I was at her house, guess what? I really envy her. Not because of her big house with nice interior design, not because she has a maid to help her out, not because of her Karaoke set that brings the wonderful sound, not because of her…, what I envy her is that she is such a lucky lady that having such a nice husband and two lovely kids, and the most important thing is that she enjoys her life. I can feel from it. She really enjoyed while she was singing.

She looks like there is nothing can make her worry, nothing can make her angry, nothing that can make her sad. She’s just so happy to lead her own life.

I must learn from her to be in the state of “don’t worry, be happy!”

I must really learn from her. Only then I will sure to look like her-a beautiful lady with no worry and stress.

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