Have you ever stabbed by somebody?

Have you ever back stabbed by someone?

Well, It sadden me.

I was wondering what has gone wrong. Nothing more, just because of the obsession with the desire for gain I supposed. Sometimes, I feel that there is nothing wrong for anyone to have such a behavior in this realistic society for they can have a better way of survival. No one to be blamed. What we have to do is taking the precautions for being stabbed and being hurt. The survival of the fittest can be best described.

I know you are now reading my post. So, can you tell me that have you ever been stabbed before or what’s the precautions you have taken for preventing it happen again. Share with me if you don’t mind.

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  1. emmelia on

    Someone thought I backstabbed them once and they did not believe me when I told them that this “reputable” person had taken something completely irrelevant that I had said 3 years prior that had I said it currently would have been offensive, but at the time it was a positive statement and I never regained this girls trust, truthfully I think she wanted to dislike me, and thats all she had to hold on to, very very sad

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