Give me some strength

I am wondering most of the time… 

I don’t want to leave any burden to anybody or let anyone worry about me. I try to manage things by myself. 

But somehow, sometime I really need some strength.  I really need someone to understand my feeling, I need someone to listen to me. I need an exit to cry out, I need a shoulder that can lean against. Sometime, I just need some encouragement, some strength, some love and care, to inspire me…

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  1. ishqdeep on

    hi there..

    I am deep..
    i just read your this entry.. and i want to be your friend.. want to know you. listen to you and help you if i can..
    i am not fake.. neither phoney.. i am a normal human being like you are.
    if you think you can share somewhat of you with me.. i will feel happy.

    lots of love and CHEERs
    your friend.. 🙂

  2. ishqdeep on

    and yes.. my shoulder is there for you.. come… cry

  3. ishqdeep on

    Hi denise67
    Happy to hear from you 🙂 really happy.


    even if it will sink, we will play chess deep down the bottom of sea together.

    Alright, I am “deep” Basically Mandip Singh From Punjab In India.
    I am a professional webmaster and programmer.
    I am normal healthy human being and love everything God has created in its unique way.

    I believe> >
    life is a magic toy.
    its a nothing but mud when you got it…. diamond if lost..

    Tell me about you.. What do you do? whats your speciality?
    What you love to do? are you married? where you are from..

    Lemme know and my email is
    See ya soon.

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