Cheer me up or just leave me alone

Frankly speaking, I really don’t want to have any frustration here. But then, I just couldn’t help myself…

I need an exit to vent out my frustration. Most of the time, I just kept behind of something. No one is going to tell me, no one is going to let me know what’s going on.  Well, no one to blame actually, it’s all because of me, a really blunt me that always didn’t realize what has happened or may be it’s my habituation to believe others easily. When things happened, I just can’t find any reason to convince myself for being hurt.

Oh please! Not again. I have been once at the end of my life. I just don’t want and don’t wish anything that happened in a way which I couldn’t accept.

It really breaks my heart when I gazed on my two kids. How am I going to compensate them without any guilty feeling. I just can’t find a single way. They have grown up in such an unsecure environment. We have depended on each other all these years. In the midst of those past days, only three of us knew apparently what our situation was.

Life sometimes can be so cruel. I keep telling myself to learn to love myself, as I really don’t know when and what might be happened to me and who might hurt me then…

Forget it anyway. Cheer me up or just leave me alone.

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  1. ishqdeep on

    here is something that i live by..
    its a poem in my language..
    it goes like this..
    yeh zindagi, ik jaadu ka khilona hai..
    mil jaye toh mitti hai, kho jaye toh sona hai…

    Okie.. here is what it mean..
    Life is, a magic toy..
    mud if you get, diamond if lost…

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