It’s over…

I went and checked my blood pressure yesterday.
I was so glad to see my blood pressure rate back to normal.
It’s indeed a terrible experience to me when I was in my depressing situation last few years.
How am I going to put it for what had happened on me? It’s over…
Well, I can’t say that my problems are solved, but I am just viewing outside the box, look outside the window. I am now learning how to let things go, how to love myself, how to value my health, my mood, my soul and spirit.
Sometimes, I really feel so blessed for what had happening in my life. If not, I may not be what I am today. It hasn’t been easier for me though, but I managed.
Eversince I got to know that my health was at a really bad and crucial condition, I know it was the time for me to stand up and not to look back anymore.
I am so fortunate to have my sister and sister in law around who always encourage me and shower all their love. I am also very fortunate to have a great doctor who was impacting me not only physically but also mentally.
Since then, I was trying hard to improve my health. I do research on health and fitness. Surprisingly, I began to love exercise. I have not felt this healthy in years. It’s wonderful when I get myself sweating a lot after the exercise. And I hooked up with many new friends that always inspired me.
I will share with you here the information about health and fitness that I have been gathered. I may not be an expert on the topic, but then from what I gained all this while, It might help.
So, let’s hope we have a healthy us.

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  1. Saurabh on

    Hey… it is so nice to see people having positive outlook towards life. I am not able to find the way to let things go… May be i can learn something from you

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