Need a lot to learn

It’s been a week that I totally didn’t have a single post here. It’s really very depressing to see such a result of mine. I just couldn’t get the things done.
It’s fine then, since I still need a lot to learn, that’s what I have been doing all this while just to sit in front of my computer and reading others’ blogs. I did learn from others that have been successful in what they are doing, I began to catch on a little bit here and there.
I believe if I put them together, it will lead me on track over time. If I keep doing the same things over and over again, I’ll succeed in getting the same results too.

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  1. fearmeansgo on

    I read other peoples blogs often too. i read others blogs much more than i write in my own.
    When i read blogs its like im looking for the perfect puzzle peices, so i can put the pieces of insight other people have bumped into, other peoples choices, lifestyles, the way other people go about their days (and in so doing I may discover how better to go about my days). Looking at others blogs could be thought of as scanning an external catalogue for what we want to be really going on on the inside. When im stressed, anxietic and having trouble even thinking a calm and reasonable thought, here is where i turn to looking at other blogs. im looking for some clue. Im looking for external tips, tricks, advantages, so i dont have to feel the pain of taking baby steps in the direction of autonomy, self reliance. all healthy things. for if im learning how to fulfill my own needs, this can grow a healthy environment within which i have most control. i am the sole puppetmaster.
    There is a question i have often asked myself which is,
    “is there a healthy, balanced, calm way of taking in information such as blogs/other peoples thoughts?”
    The only thing i have come up with thus far is stress busting techniques. learning to breathe in situations where i am not most comfortable.
    As a writer i need to be able to assemble and organize information coming in. i sometimes read blogs to find out ways of doing this!
    Thank you for allowing me to ramble on your blog!..

  2. denise67 on

    Thanks so much fearmeansgo for taking your precious time to read my post and having the comment here. Bless you…

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