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Success is just around the corner

Success is definitely not something that just blindly stumble upon one day.
I know it is a choice that I had to make on my own. Nobody else can make it happen for me.
I spent most of my free time to do research almost everyday reading articles, It’s been three months that I started my blog here, yet it’s still a slow progress at this moment. I don’t really satisfied with what I am doing but then I am prepared to put in the necessary efforts to reap for what I have sown.

Hoping that my success is just around the corner.


Need a lot to learn

It’s been a week that I totally didn’t have a single post here. It’s really very depressing to see such a result of mine. I just couldn’t get the things done.
It’s fine then, since I still need a lot to learn, that’s what I have been doing all this while just to sit in front of my computer and reading others’ blogs. I did learn from others that have been successful in what they are doing, I began to catch on a little bit here and there.
I believe if I put them together, it will lead me on track over time. If I keep doing the same things over and over again, I’ll succeed in getting the same results too.