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Let him be

I don’t know why I always get fed up with this person.

I seldom, or I can say I never like to argue with others. But then, I don’t know why that whenever I have a conversation with this person, always end up in a frustration mood.

Well, he never agree with others. What in his opinion is always right and others are always wrong. Yes, never, and not a single thing that he ever agree with. What make me frustrated is that when the situation is, he feels like he is about to lose, he will raise up his voice to support his opinion.

Let him be, I got nothing to lose. And there is no right and wrong after all.


A boy was seriously injured

Having dinner with my 2 kids this evening at the shop that we usually go.

Just after we chose our food, the girl there told us not to sit inside the shop as a fighting was soon to be started. When I turned around, oh no! A tense situation was there. A group of men were going to have a fight. Just a second, one of them was chasing a boy with a stick along the road and smacked him with a chair later when the boy ran into the shop. The boy was seriously injured then.

This is the first time I saw a real fighting. I really hate to see it. I took this as a lesson for my sons.

Sometimes, it’s only a minor matter and if we can take it easy, we really don’t have to let the unpleasant things happened.  

Be the one to be hurt…

I received a message from a friend, Lim tonight.

Surprisingly, she wanted to meet me up. 2 years back, I got to know her. Actually, not a very pleasant moment with her. Again, as I mentioned before, it is not my habit to have enemy in my list. Since everyone has his own personality and I try to understand that one’s has his own background…

I choose to be the one to be hurt rather than the one to hurt others. Stupid enough huh? My mom told me that always be understandable and never ever must we have any hatred in our life. Well, I am not sure that it’s still applicable at this very realistic world but I am still stick to it. And I strong believe that there is no enemy forever.

Anyway, wish her all the best…

rock n roll

Huh! I had my rock n roll with friends on Wednesday night.

That’s my second lesson. It’s really cool. You know, as I have mentioned before, I am trying to catch up as many aspects as possible. I found that I have missed many  opportunities when I was young. Now, it’s the time for me. What I want to pursue is the happiness and healthy life.

I really enjoy myself. I didn’t know that I can actually do it well.   

Thanks to my friend, Alex who is always be my partner. And of course, Boon Hong, another partner who likes to make me laugh.  

Tips to look more sexy

As promised, I will share with you some tips on how to look more sexy.

Eat healty food                                            
It’s important to have regular meal to maintain good health and younger look. You mustn’t skip breakfast because it’s the most important meal in a day. Try to eat healthy food like wholemeal bread or brown rice and avoid junk food. Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day and eat more fruits and vegetables which contains anti-aging phytochemical. Fatty fish such as salmon is also a must every week. 

Good skin care
This will help you to set a good foundation for the future. Choose the right skin care product according to your age and your skin type.

Wearing  matching  lingerie                                                                                                 Choose the right lingerie that fit to you is also very important. You feel comfortable and it will certainly boost up your confidence and your sexy body.

Regular Exercise                                            
It’s very useful in stimulating blood circulation of the skin. Try to maintain a regular activity at least 3 times a week. Swimming, brisk walk and cycling can be a good choice for you. Yoga is very useful to release stress which is food for skin and health as well.    

Remember Always                                      
Apart from the above mentioned , don’t forget the most important thing. ie., to upgrade your self-knowledge and self-cultivation at all times. Keep your temper and BE patient.

And yes, Smile always.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       



Sexy me

People around me said I am getting sexier recently…

I appreciate such compliment. But, what has come across your mind huh?

I must put it in this way.

Sexy is an attitude. It gains from living, from experience. 

Time and tide wait for no man. We all will grow old. However, self-knowledge, a thing that we can gain with age, I get myself concentrate on this all this while and I do keep myself in an informed, active mind and a well maintained physique.

Smile! This assurely is a sexy virtue. I like to smile. Without specific reason, I just want people around me to feel good.

Hmmm…that’s a simple sexy me in my friends’ talk.

Well, I will give you some tips on how to look more sexy. So, don’t forget to come back to me ya.

Miss him, my Punjabi’s friend

One of my Punjabi’s friend invited me to her house to celebrate their new year.

It’s actually a new experience to me to attend Punjabi’s new year. 

I know just a little about their cultural but from what I know that Punjabi/Sikh(Nanakshahi) New Year-Balsakhi Festival, also called Vaisakhi, holds great importance for the Sikh community and farmers of Punjab.

Baisakhi falls on April 13/14. Sikh also celebrate this day in honor of their tenth guru, Guru Gobind Singh. 

So, I enjoyed myself with my kids and my friends in her house. We had the delicious ‘Roti Nan’ made on the spot by a handsome chef. Wow, his ‘Roti Nan’ is really tasty. I totally forgot that I was on diet and took two pieces of that.

Hey, the really exciting part was the dancing hour. We really enjoyed ourselves.

Really thanks to my friend to let me have an enjoyable weekend. 

It reminds me one of my Punjabi’s friend that I knew at the college in Singapore 21 years ago. I don’t know where he is now and how he is. Really miss him and wish him all the best…

Without money, you are just nobody

So, I do come to a conclusion.

Never ever to expect anyone by your side that can really have you in heart.

May be you  will disagree with me. Or may be you have some say on it. Or may be I am just an unlucky one to have put it in this way.

It’s not because I am a pessimist. It’s not because I always like to put myself in a saddest position. Well, there is no occassion to doubt the truth.

For what I have been gone through so far, I really hate to say so but it’s ironically true that MONEY do come to the first place.

Without money, even if you have abilities, you will also be a ‘nobody’ in people’s eyes.

May be it’s too harsh for me to say so. But again at this very moment, it really is.

Bless me

Phew! Finally it’s 5am in the morning.

I couldn’t sleep for the whole night. It’s been 2 days already that I couldn’t get myself to sleep.

With my “panda” eyes, my friend asked what the stress that I had.

Well, I am not so sure. Just a little bit this and that could then seriously lead me to insomnia. I will have to get myself to a really exhausted state today and hoping that tonight I will sleep tight and have a sweet dream.

Bless me…

Try as much as I can

I was with her just now.

I like to be with someone whom I don’t really like. (It’s quite sorry and unwilling to put it in this way.)

Some says that, hey  you have to love your enemy. No, she is not my enemy. No one will ever be my enemy. It doesn’t have to.

I am learning. Yes, I am learning. I am learning how to accept whatever happened to me. I am learning how to accept the situation that I don’t really want it to be happen. I am learning to get along with someone who was being mean, sarcastic, realistic and despising. From them, I can be motivated from the grievous and indigant.

Do you think  it’s a stupid way? Or may be it’s an extreme thinking? No, I feel great. It’s the time that I can learn how to tolerate with someone and be more magnanimous.

I try to be perfect in my personality although I know it’s hard. No one will ever be perfect in their life. But I try as much as I can…