True Love

Most of the time, when we are in the bad circumstances or in the stage of feeling down we really need someone to help us out.  If someone out there will hold our hand and show their care and love, we definitely won’t feel lonely, fear and helpless. 

I suddenly have the strong feeling after reading 2 stories that really touched me.

Here it goes…

A house owner was accidentally found a lizard which was nailed on the ceiling while he was doing his renovation in his house.  The lizard was actually nailed by him 10 years ago.  He was so surprised that the lizard was still alive up there.

Out of his curiosity, he took time to observe and found out another lizard was there a while later to feed it mouth to mouth with a mosquito in it’s mouth.  That’s really touched him indeed.  A tiny creature like them do fill with love and willing to assist it’s friend to survive in such a bad circumstances.

Another story was regarding 2 fishes which were struggling in a limited water area.  While the water was soon going to be dry up, one of the fish blew up the bubbles from it’s mouth and trying to nourish it’s companion.  Just a simple wish to help it’s companion to survive a little longer.

Till here, do you have any thoughts came across you?  Well, if we human being will also live to show our love and care to each other, we will ironically have a wonderful world and all of us will sure lead a sparkling life. Agree? 

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