No guilty, No sorry for what he’s done

The day before, after paying my phone bill, I walked towards the car park site to take my car but was found that somebody’s car was blocking mine.

Goodness me! I had to rush to school to fetch my son and the time was actually ran out because of my queuing number.  I asked for help by paging to public through their service counter, but I didn’t see anyone ready to take action.

I was really fed up waiting there for nearly 20 munites under the hot sun.  I seeked the help from the guard.  A guy then walked out.  Guess what he said to me?  “Where have you been?”  Mind him, no guilty, no sorry but with an attitude as if I was the one who did the wrong thing.  The most interesting was he’s one of their employee under the maintainance site.  Hey, friend, where could I go when I parked my car at their particular car park area to pay my bill.  Unwillingly, he moved away his car and behaved as if I really was the one in wrong.

I was really very angry with him for waiting him under the ferocious sun.  Yet, he reacted his behaviour  in the right and confident with not even a guilty sense.

Forget it, besides ignoring him, what can I do with such a barbarous person.

What a bad luck day. 

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