Really Exhausted

It’s really a good and nice Sunday that everyone can rest and relax themselves. But I found myself was totally lazy and exhausted.  Yet, I still have my tuition schedule on. 

I have been giving tuition for nearly six years.  I have this as my main income to support myself and my kids.  It’s not really a tough job as teaching is one of my passion and I am really very enjoy and happy especially when I see some improvements on them.

I really dragged myself out to my student’s place. It’s a mission that I have my responsibilities to accomplish it.  The tuition took about 2hrs today. I didn’t feel any tiredness right after reaching her house.  I love this student very much.  She is a very hardworking girl and has a very good and polite manners.  Not only her, but her family are also very cultivated.     

On my way back home, I thought a lot.  Well, a little this and that.  That’s always me when I get myself into the car.  My emotion will goes with the songs played.  Most of the time my tears will drop when the lyrics of the song touched me or somehow hit my heart as I think of my life. 

It’s already 1.30 a.m. now and I have to wake up at 5.30 the next morning to get ready for my children to the school, and there’s another class for me tomorrow, I might as well take a rest or else I will really tired like a dog.

Share with you again a little of what’s happening in my life some other day and don’t forget to stay tuned ya. 

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