Headmaster being insulted

Just bear with it.  Abuse won’t exist for long.  As truth always lies in a matter of time, it will definitely distinguish for you…

One of the student’s parent insulted the headmaster ferociously but he didn’t even frown upon it.  His student then seeked advice from him privately and wanted to know the secret of his determination for ignoring.

The headmaster replied to him that if one does not open the mail, then he will surely not be able to influence by the contents. If you are insulted by anybody, similarly, you will not get hurt if you really can take it easy and ignore him.

So, let’s face it bravely and wisely so as to dispel our anger.  If you are being compeled or insulted, don’t take it to heart and you will find that there’s actually nothing to fear and nothing to grieve over.

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