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I believe I can

I have already at the front of my computer for almost 4 hours.

I tried to add the google adsense into my blog but it’s so stupid of me to implement it successfullly.  After several attempts, it’s so sad that I didn’t make it happen. But don’t worry, I won’t give up so easily. Since I have made up my mind to join in the fun, I will stick at it.  Just give me some time. I believe I can.


My Niece’s Birthday

Few days ago, I was invited to my niece’s birthday party.

Time really really flies.  It’s only sometime in the past, she was just a little baby.  Today, a lady-to-be turned her age at 14. 

She’s always a good girl to everybody.  Not only she is very hardworking in her study but also master very well in her ballet.  Well, I love her very much because she’s always be so considerate and with a lot of passion. 

I have always dreamt of having a daughter.  It’s just my fate that with only two sons at their age at 10 and 12.  I have thought of  adopting her as my daughter, but…it might not be a good idea as my present condition is not so optimistically.  Anyway, I will love her always and give her my best blessing. 

Enjoyable time at Waterfall

What a relaxing day…

Yesterday, after my tuition class, I headed down straight away to the waterfall which is located in Gunung Pulai.  It’s been quite sometime that I haven’t relaxed myself. I was too exhausted especially these two days.  I couldn’t sleep the whole night because I was aching all over with unknown reason.  The pain really killed me .

Well, I was so enjoyed to have myself showered under the waterfall.  The water is really cool and I let myself have a wonderful massage with the mighty falling water.  I was so relax there with my two kids for nearly four hours.

It’s really a good experience to me. As life is full with so much stress and since it’s quite frustrated living in town, I will consider to have it in my schedule may be once a month. 

The Monkey And The Coconut

Don’t cry, don’t be indignant, but look for solution.

A monkey threw a coconut to a man’s head when he passed by a coconut tree.  The man rubbed his swollen head and picked up the coconut.  He then drank the coconut water, enjoyed the coconut meat and used the coconut shell to make a bowl…

Well, we have to use different attitude towards other’s criticism.  So, are you treated with injustice recently? Do you have any intolerable experience? Try viewing outside the box, look outside the window and try to solve all these wisely by having a positive and right attitude. Don’t you think it’s a gain when you can actually appreciate whatever the situation is.