The Strength of Praise

Praise is the sweetest amongst the voice.

A & B are colleagues but they are always not in the agreeable atmosphere.

One day, A asked a colleague to convey her voice that B should change her style and attitude or nobody will accept her.  Since then, whenever B met A, she always shows herself in polite and courtesy manners .  A was pretty much appreciate the colleague and asked what she’s been told that she suddenly changed herself into another person.

The colleague replied that,”Well, there are many people praise you especially A.  She said you are a kind and gentle woman.  That’s all.”

Rebuke and criticise bring a lot of hatred and dissatisfaction.  If you are going to improve certain condition, why not consider the way of praising, let us be the ‘seasoning’ among our friends and colleagues, and because of us, we all can get along in a stimulate and harmony state.  Agree?

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