A Diligent pianist

If you have noble ability, your hardworking will strengthen your ability; If you have normal ability, your hardworking will fill up your ability.

A famous pianist was on a reporting assignment after his excellent performance.  The reporter asked him that why he should practise everyday since he’s already so good in it.  The pianist said, if he didn’t practise for one day, his fingers would be stiff. If he didn’t practise for three days, his friends would know and if he didn’t practise for a week, all of his audience would come to know…

There are no “flukes” or “success by accident”.  The high price that paid and the toilsome behind is always unknown.

Success is definitely by accumulating.  There is no immediate way, the secret to success is, and always will be knowledge and action. With real basic then only we can stand the trials.

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