The Expensive peacock

Success Is Not Just Hoping But To Strive For It.

A king came to know an artist who was well-versed in water-colour painting.  He then visited him and asked him to draw a peacock for him.  A year later, the king visited him again and asked for the drawing he ordered a year ago.  The artist then had it done in front of him in just a few minutes but quoted him for a high price.  The king was not happy with the price with just an easy work by him.  The artist then led him to all the corner of his house that flooded with the peacock drawing everywhere and explained that what the king thought was an easy task took him almost a year to get well-prepared to draw the peacock.

Sounds familiar? Well, we always envy one’s success but overlook the efforts they have made.  We are all envy at the bloggers that have made their considerable income but behind every of their success, there is always a numerous great efforts and hard work, and there is always the outcome of well prepared to win the applause.

I like the story of the expensive peacock.  Hoping that it will stimulate you and me.

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