A Timid Mouse

The countermeasure to overcome the fear is to face it bravely…

A mouse felt miserable because it afraid of cat.  The God felt sympathy for it’s occurance.  He turned the mouse into a cat. The cat then afraid of dog.  He turned the dog into a tiger, but then the tiger afraid of hunter and worried all the day.  At last, the God turned the tiger back into a mouse and said,”There is nothing I can do for you because you are such a timid mouse.”

We always hope to change an unsatisfying environment to a better zone.  But what we have to change is our inner life and not the outer term or condition. 

Let’s use our wisdom and brave spirit and decided to face the challenge.  So, no more fear for the lack of computer knowledge, no more fear for the writing skill, no more fear for whatever reason, let’s hop to the blogging track and start our journey.  I believe that by practising and gaining experience, over time,we will be there too.

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