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I know I could

It’s such a discouraged day.
How terribly frustrating it is, I just can’t manage my things in order.
I have sat in front of my computer trying to get my google adsense ads done for nearly half day. Know the result? ya, still stuck in somewhere. May be it’ll be a bit embarrassing, but I have convinced myself no matter how, I am ready to forge ahead into this new territory. May be I still need some time to get everything under my belt. I really need to learn what I have to know. Don’t worry, I will on my track soon. I know I could.


True Love

Most of the time, when we are in the bad circumstances or in the stage of feeling down we really need someone to help us out.  If someone out there will hold our hand and show their care and love, we definitely won’t feel lonely, fear and helpless. 

I suddenly have the strong feeling after reading 2 stories that really touched me.

Here it goes…

A house owner was accidentally found a lizard which was nailed on the ceiling while he was doing his renovation in his house.  The lizard was actually nailed by him 10 years ago.  He was so surprised that the lizard was still alive up there.

Out of his curiosity, he took time to observe and found out another lizard was there a while later to feed it mouth to mouth with a mosquito in it’s mouth.  That’s really touched him indeed.  A tiny creature like them do fill with love and willing to assist it’s friend to survive in such a bad circumstances.

Another story was regarding 2 fishes which were struggling in a limited water area.  While the water was soon going to be dry up, one of the fish blew up the bubbles from it’s mouth and trying to nourish it’s companion.  Just a simple wish to help it’s companion to survive a little longer.

Till here, do you have any thoughts came across you?  Well, if we human being will also live to show our love and care to each other, we will ironically have a wonderful world and all of us will sure lead a sparkling life. Agree? 

No guilty, No sorry for what he’s done

The day before, after paying my phone bill, I walked towards the car park site to take my car but was found that somebody’s car was blocking mine.

Goodness me! I had to rush to school to fetch my son and the time was actually ran out because of my queuing number.  I asked for help by paging to public through their service counter, but I didn’t see anyone ready to take action.

I was really fed up waiting there for nearly 20 munites under the hot sun.  I seeked the help from the guard.  A guy then walked out.  Guess what he said to me?  “Where have you been?”  Mind him, no guilty, no sorry but with an attitude as if I was the one who did the wrong thing.  The most interesting was he’s one of their employee under the maintainance site.  Hey, friend, where could I go when I parked my car at their particular car park area to pay my bill.  Unwillingly, he moved away his car and behaved as if I really was the one in wrong.

I was really very angry with him for waiting him under the ferocious sun.  Yet, he reacted his behaviour  in the right and confident with not even a guilty sense.

Forget it, besides ignoring him, what can I do with such a barbarous person.

What a bad luck day. 

Really Exhausted

It’s really a good and nice Sunday that everyone can rest and relax themselves. But I found myself was totally lazy and exhausted.  Yet, I still have my tuition schedule on. 

I have been giving tuition for nearly six years.  I have this as my main income to support myself and my kids.  It’s not really a tough job as teaching is one of my passion and I am really very enjoy and happy especially when I see some improvements on them.

I really dragged myself out to my student’s place. It’s a mission that I have my responsibilities to accomplish it.  The tuition took about 2hrs today. I didn’t feel any tiredness right after reaching her house.  I love this student very much.  She is a very hardworking girl and has a very good and polite manners.  Not only her, but her family are also very cultivated.     

On my way back home, I thought a lot.  Well, a little this and that.  That’s always me when I get myself into the car.  My emotion will goes with the songs played.  Most of the time my tears will drop when the lyrics of the song touched me or somehow hit my heart as I think of my life. 

It’s already 1.30 a.m. now and I have to wake up at 5.30 the next morning to get ready for my children to the school, and there’s another class for me tomorrow, I might as well take a rest or else I will really tired like a dog.

Share with you again a little of what’s happening in my life some other day and don’t forget to stay tuned ya. 


Shakespeare did say that while someone possesses wealth, you are in a state of grace from the God.

A: “I have money, you don’t have. So, you have to respect me.”

B: “That’s your money, why shoud I respect you?”

A: “Then, I’ll give you 1/4 of my money, will you respect me?”

B: “Since you only give me 1/4, why should I respect you?”

A: “How about 1/2 of it?”

B: “In that case, my money will go equally to yours, why should I respect you?”

A: “Think about it if I give you all my money?”

B: “Well, I am rich and you are poor then, do you think I will respect you?”

We usually care about what we have and what we have missed. Learn from B that we can actually overcome most of the problems and situations if we possess B’s mind to treat ourselves better. Then, we will definitely lead our life freely and superiorly. 

Cheer up!

The Explosive at the back

When people being obstinate, I surpass him with a gentle way. When people use strategy, I touch them by sincerity. Whilst others using their temper, I regulate it with reason.  There is nothing we can’t manage it well.

A man asked his friend why was he so happy when he saw him soliloquized.  Guess what’s the answer? The answer to him was that -A concealed explosive had been put on his own back ready to burst the disgusting fellow who always pat his shoulder violently, if he happened to pat at his shoulder again, the explosive will guaranteely mashed his hand completely.

Are we having the same behaviour in our relationship that always disregard the severe consequences  just because of the point of honour.  Well, we can actually improve our uncomfortable phenomenon by many ways and means. What do you think?

Break it

Have you ever heard this before, there is always another door opened for you when one of your door was closed.  Some time, we might have taken a long time to wait for the door to reopen, yet we overlooked another door which has already opened for us.

Nothing is going to be doomed.  Well, if it’s just our luck that not a single door there is meant for us.  Remember always, don’t give up.  Take some time and break the closed doors up or may be the windows.  There’s no way for us to surrender with our life.

Headmaster being insulted

Just bear with it.  Abuse won’t exist for long.  As truth always lies in a matter of time, it will definitely distinguish for you…

One of the student’s parent insulted the headmaster ferociously but he didn’t even frown upon it.  His student then seeked advice from him privately and wanted to know the secret of his determination for ignoring.

The headmaster replied to him that if one does not open the mail, then he will surely not be able to influence by the contents. If you are insulted by anybody, similarly, you will not get hurt if you really can take it easy and ignore him.

So, let’s face it bravely and wisely so as to dispel our anger.  If you are being compeled or insulted, don’t take it to heart and you will find that there’s actually nothing to fear and nothing to grieve over.

I believe I can

I have already at the front of my computer for almost 4 hours.

I tried to add the google adsense into my blog but it’s so stupid of me to implement it successfullly.  After several attempts, it’s so sad that I didn’t make it happen. But don’t worry, I won’t give up so easily. Since I have made up my mind to join in the fun, I will stick at it.  Just give me some time. I believe I can.

My Niece’s Birthday

Few days ago, I was invited to my niece’s birthday party.

Time really really flies.  It’s only sometime in the past, she was just a little baby.  Today, a lady-to-be turned her age at 14. 

She’s always a good girl to everybody.  Not only she is very hardworking in her study but also master very well in her ballet.  Well, I love her very much because she’s always be so considerate and with a lot of passion. 

I have always dreamt of having a daughter.  It’s just my fate that with only two sons at their age at 10 and 12.  I have thought of  adopting her as my daughter, but…it might not be a good idea as my present condition is not so optimistically.  Anyway, I will love her always and give her my best blessing.