New hosting site

Hi, thanks for dropping by here.

It’s been a while that I don’t have any post here. I have hosted my very own site~Denise’s Corner and you can access me via  in future time.

See you there.

2nd Chance

 Dream Throw Pillow

Curious? What’s this Dream Cushion?

Well, I am trying to build another ‘dream‘ of mine!

Still not understand? Ok, I had been doing business in gift field happily few years back but for some reasons, I came across a severe blow which led me to the stage that I really couldn’t accept and face it.

Since then, I can hardly stand up. May be it was just a small matter, yet to me, it destroyed all my dreams. I lost everything which belonged to my hard earned…

Life has to be carry on, I know apparently that I need to be strong. I need to hold on to the very end, but somehow I led myself to a life that filled with grief and anxiety. My health then getting poorer and poorer unknowingly…

Thousand thanks to my dear sis, Ann and my brother-in-law, LC. Without them, I really don’t know if I can still be here. With their care and love, and of course for my two kids, I promised myself that my tears will only drop for love concerned since then…

I am still struggling with my life, yet I have directions to focus.

I gained back my health and am doing exercise enjoyably everyday. And I focus on the online business which impressed me much.

Recently, I am busy setting up an online shop which is much similar to my dream. I named it 2nd Chance. Yes, I hope it will be the 2nd chance for me to build my dream. So, I forced myself to learn all that I need to know for me to set up the shop. It took me a lot of time indeed yet I was quite enjoyed. Phew…I have done it eventually.

Hey, I really can’t wait to recommend it to you though it’s just in beta. Remember to visit and give me some suggestions and comments ya.

A considerate friend

A friend of mine bought me durians yesterday.

Wow, yummy!

I have longed for the durians quite a long time. But just couldn’t have it.

Why??? So embarassing to tell you…

Ha, that’s right. I really don’t know  how to choose. Whenever I saw the people who shake and smell like an durian expert, hey I do admire them and wonder how they decide the durian is good.

May be you are going to tell me-why bother? just buy it. Well, I know. But somehow I always like to make things complicated… 😉

Never expect my friend suddenly called me up and said he had bought some durians for me. Know what’s his reason? He said, he knew apparently that woman didn’t know how to buy durians.

Hey, so generalize huh. But then I know he cares for me and I really appreciate him for being so considerate.

Don’t put up with put down

I came across this at my friend’s house. Share it here with you.

If people put you down, you don’t  have to put up with it. When it happens, tell them exactlly how you feel-that you don’t need their put downs.

Remember, no one can put you down unless you let them. Let  know you deserve better, because you do.

Know something?  I love reading books or articles with motivation and stimulation. It’s a way I inspire myself, my confidence, and to go one step further.

Dr.Quency once said that what I actually lack is the most important thing -confidence!

Well, I may be not as good as he said, but I really need to admit that I am a totally no confident person since I was a small girl…, till then in my middle age, a lot of things had happened, I struggled and tried hard to be a confident lady. I can’t say that I have made it. But I have on my way…                                                                                                                                                                                 

I need to force myself

141412737v7_150x150_front.jpgI was struggling with my life all these while. And it’s quite impossible for me to practise my calligraphy. (Lazy! I supposed it should be a proper way to put) 😉

For some reasons, I need to force myself…

Sadly, I was very disappointed with my calligraphy. What I can do is pasting them on the wall which can stimulate me to further efforts.

Wonderful evening

Curious about what I was doing this evening?

Tell you what. I spent all my evening at home doing all the photos scanning.

I got my scanner re-installed this afternoon, I have been quite fed-up with my scanner everytime I tried to use it, it just won’t allowed. So, I have all my things and projects stucked.

After reinstalling, hey, it’s really a joyful thing to me when I can finally use it for my projects. I digged out all my photos and  have my calligraphy sheets.  My kids were busy helping me too.

I felt happy and satisfied with all my works done. I have scanned and keep all my childhood  photos into  my folder.

I really enjoyed this evening though I was tired and…forgot to tell you, I forgot my dinner.

Get his ID card eventually

After applying his Mykad(ID card), my son longed for the collecting.

We were told  that the card took about three weeks for processing, and we can collect the card after receiving the letter from them.

It’s  already a month and we haven’t received any of their letter for collecting the card. My son can’t wait such a long time and he kept asking me whether I have received any of their letter. After all, this is the very first card that prove his identity, really can’t blame his excitement.

So, I checked from internet and found out the card has actually ready for collection after 5 days of his application. We rushed down there but what a luck, the computer was offline and we couldnot do anything but went back unsatisfying. My son then revealed his dissatisfaction and asked me to collect his ID card when there is time I can make it.

The next day, after my class, I rushed down their place at 4.55pm,  just 5 minutes before they close. Hey hey, a really handsome photo in his ID card, I know he is satisfied with his card.

Excited to manage my blog

Getting more and more excited these days as I am getting much more control with my blogs. Really a great experience  to me and I am much enjoyed when I could manage to put on the different ads into my site all by myself.

That goes with the saying you will sure get it if you do want it. I should then apply the whip to the gallop horse so as to reach my goal as soon as possible.

what a life style?

Can’t figure out what’s the reason that I couldn’t get to sleep for 2 days…

What a life style of mine? Without sleep and rest, yet I drove up and down to get my things done. Terrible enough huh?! Thanks God, I am still here.

What’s wrong with me?

While doing some research just now, sister Ann happened on line and we grabbed the opportunity to chat.

Topics around me…

Well, not much specific. Just rambling. Somehow I got myself into emotional, I cried while I was chatting with her. I wonder,  what’s going on?

Was that because of my aunt? Just felt very sorry indeed that I couldn’t attend her funeral…What’s more? Not really sure. May be for the uncertainty of life, unsecure of life, being apart, fear of facing many things alone here by myself, lack of confidence to bring up my kids, fear of getting to know the bad news, fear of….Oh, what’s wrong with me? Didn’t I promise myself that no matter how, I need to carry on; no matter how, I should give myself the encouragement to face the fear that actually always around me? Didn’t I promise myself no matter how, I should give myself a good smile though how tough my life is…

I couldn’t stop my tears while I was IM with her. I hate this feeling. A real mixed feeling inside. A feeling that is so complicated and somehow I really couldn’t figure out what’s the problem is. 

I can’t help myself but burst into tears when I deeply sensed my sis’s love and care. I may be fragile, I may be emotional, but that’s always me since young. That’s always a disgusting me and I’ve tried all the ways not to have such kind of character but years after years, I am still a crying bun.

My eyes were swallen as I was writing this post…